Kavallieri Women: Looking ahead to the coming rugby season

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 12:16

Six weeks ago, the Kavallieri Women team kicked off their pre-season training in preparation for the coming rugby season, which promises to be as competitive as ever.


This year pre-season sessions were run by fitness coaches Roderick Attard and Daryl Psaila, with the aim of getting players in shape for the upcoming season by developing a higher level of match fitness, through all-round conditioning and match practice.  The outcome at the end of pre-season has been a positive one, with each and every player able to see the benefits that attending the sessions has brought them.


For the fourth consecutive year, Susan Bradley will be the head coach and after the pre-season she is going to focus more on game drills and tactics, to get the players ready to get onto the rugby field on match day.  Players with varying levels of experience will be playing this season, including a number of new ladies who have joined the club over the past few weeks, all of whom are looking forward to the first game due to take place on the second Saturday of November.


The objective for the ladies team this season is to increase female participation in rugby in Malta, and to ensure the building of team spirit and camaraderie within the team.  As we did last year, we  are looking to end the season as winners of both local championships titles, being the Ben Bennett 7s Cup and MIA 10s Cup. Holding onto these two titles will be the main objectives for the coming season, while keeping the values of rugby as a top priority at all times – trust, camaraderie, respect towards the team and opponents.


The Kavallieri women’s players and coaches would like to thank their main sponsors; Megaman, Camray Co. Ltd, Halmann Ltd, PKF Ltd and Mirachem Ltd and the other sponsors which are: IDS Fund Services Malta Ltd and Continental Cars Ltd, for their support and trust towards the upcoming rugby season.


Rugby is an exciting and growing sport in Malta, and anyone who would like to have a run or test their rugby skills may contact us on kavallierisecretary@gmail.com or 79061585 – no prior experience is necessary.  The club also provides regular rugby training sessions at mini, youth, and senior levels.


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