Kavallieri Women 10’s Cup Winners

Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 20:20

The final clash for the first ever Women 10’s Rugby Cup was held at Marsa on Saturday.  A nail biting game with both teams balancing out the score each time, left spectators watching with amusement.

The match kicked off at 12:00 and after a few minutes of play saw the first try for Falcons on their 5-meter line of their right wing.  Kavallieri immediately answered back with a fine team play passing the ball to the right and then all the way to the left to create the gap needed to score their first try.  Soon it was Falcons who scored again after drawing players in a maul and finding an overlap.  But once again Kavallieri came back with another try after an inside pass, to balance the score again.  However another try came for Falcons, making them in the lead again.

None of the tries in the first half of the match were converted, ending it with the score of 10-15 for Falcons.

The second half was also a balanced one with both sides playing hard and defending well.

Everyone was eager for the ball and the teams were putting in some fine rucking, while attempting at stealing the ball at mauls.  The back line performed well-timed moves which made them go forward, while the forward pack got out of the scrum immediately to provide support and keep possession of the ball.  The defensive wall was hard to beat so good kicking was used to release from the pressure.

The 20 minutes of the second half were almost over with the score remaining unchanged, and the referee called the last play of the match when Kavallieri had the scrum after a forward pass from Falcons.  This was when Kavallieri wisely decided to attack on their blind side, to find the space and run all the way to the try line, therefore equaling the score in the very last seconds.  The conversion kick was successful and that was when the referee marked the end of the match, hence Kavallieri winning the 10’s Cup final over Falcons with the final score of 17-15.

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    Well done kavallieri!!!


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