Kavallieri RS2 Second Division Teams win the League

Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 23:31

After winning the league unbeaten during the previous two years, The Kavallieri RS2 Men’s team had a diffuclt start this year by losing the first game to La Salle Caccu. The team, under the guidance of Mr. Silvio Borg, reacted brilliantly to this defeat and improved their performance game after game winning all the remaining matches of the first round comfortably. The second round brought new challenges to the team mainly during the match the team lost against Phoenix when having key players indisposed for the game. However, Kavallieri reacted brilliantly once again winning the crucial game against Sayitmalta HMS 31-24 to secure the title for the 3rd consecitive year. Many players contrubuted towards this success with a few veterans leading brilliantly the many promising youngsters who are very important for the future of Kavallieri Handball Club.


The Kavallieri RS2 ladies have kept their previous title as the Women’s 2nd Division league winners for the second time round. After having placed 3rd in the MHA Cup, the team was full of enthusiasm to gear up for the league games. Prepared for all matches Kavallieri, marked their territory from the beginning of the round despite having a team consisting of youthful ages. Having won the league unbeaten, the coaches were able to give more experience and playing time to others which helped the team grow and flourish. Eventually this will give experience and preparation for the ladies to take part in the Women’s 1st Division League.

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