Jurgen Balzan wins the Major of Italy

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 10:01

The FISTF Major of Italy was organised last weekend in Milan.

The individual competitions were played on Saturday and five Maltese players participated. In the Open category we had Massimo Cremona and Derek Conti. Massimo Cremona made it till the last sixteen, while Derek Conti made it to the semifinals. Conti lost the semifinal match against the winner of this category, Luca Colangelo 5-3. The seventeen year old Jurgen Balzan also participated in this category. Balzan passed the group stage and made it till the last thirty-two.
In the Veteran category, we had Mario Camilleri and Jason Pisani. Camilleri made it till the last sixteen, while Pisani was eliminated in the quarter final in his match against the Italian Eduardo Bellotta 1-0. The Italian Gianfranco Calonico was the winner in this category.
In the Under 19 category we had a Maltese winner. Jurgen Balzan had a great tournament and won the final match against the French player Theo Modeste 1-0.
The team competitions were held on Sunday, and Valletta Subbuteo Club was participating. The team was composed of Derek Conti, Mario Camilleri, Jurgen Balzan, the Belgian player Pascal Scheen and the French Axel Donval. Valletta Subbuteo Club made it till the last sixteen. Jean Tabone was playing with Salernitana and Jason Pisani with Masters Sanremo, they both made it till the last sixteen. Napoli Fighters with Massimo Cremona made it to the quarter final. The winning team was Reggio Emilia.

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