Junior Maltese shooter Nathan Lee Xuereb wins category B barrage finals

Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 15:16

Al Deehani Fehaid from Kuwait wins top class barrage finals

It was a spectacular barrage final at The Malta Shooting Sport Federation when the last pair had to determine young and talented Nathan Lee Xuereb the winner of category B after 44, 44, 40 =128 and another 40 in the barrage final for a total of 168

Lattanzi Simone from Italy placed second with 121+46=167

Mazzetta Simone from Italy placed third with 122+40=162

Sparamonti from Italy placed fourth with 123+37=160

Matthew Grech placed fifth with 117+39=156

Derek Bonanno placed sixth with 111+43= 154

Al Deehan Fehaid from Kuwait was the overall winner with a magnificent score of 145/150 and 49 in the barrage final for 194/200 to become equal score with Hakan Dahlby from Sweden with 144/150 and a straight of 50/50 = 194/200.

A spectacular shoot off had to determine the winner when Al Dehani Fehaid managed another 26 and Hakan Dahlby missed his 26th clay.

Di Spigno Daniele from Italy placed third with 144+47=191

D’Aniello Francesco from Italy placed fourth with 142+48=190

Simo Koylinen from Finland placed fifth with 141+ 47=188

Alafasi Hamed from Kuwait placed sixth with 141+43= 188

The Malta Shooting Sport Federation would like to thank the sponsors of The Malta International Double Trap Grand Prix 2010, Middle Sea Valletta Life Assurance, Bank of Valletta, Blue Line, Pintonino Ristorante and KMS.

Enjoy our exclusive photo gallery courtesy of Malcolm Sammut

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  1. carol says:

    nice photo gallery……. l-isparar vera qed jipproduci talent tajjeb. spicca z-zmien meta konna nahsbu li william chetcuti hu biss jista jgib success. Clive Vella case in point – carol


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