Joseph Mifsud wins veterans title in Bologna

Sunday, June 12, 2011, 21:12

Veteran player, presently ranked number two in the FISTF rankings Joseph Mifsud was the winner today of the Veterans title in the Major of Bologna. Mifsud, managed a very good tournament, and won the title over the Italian experienced player Marco Lamberti. The Italian chap, went close to goal after only a few seconds and continuing his pressure on the Maltese side he scored to go a head of one goal. Mifsud had the ability to draw the match immediately and eventually by playing more with experience and ability of mental strength Joseph scored once again to end the game 2-1 and get the title. On the way to the final Mifsud had to face Martinez (Spain), Threis (Belgium) and Colanico (Italy).

Joseph Mifsud
Joseph Mifsud

In the Open Category, the Maltese record holder of the knock out, Samuel Bartolo reached the semifinal but lost to an incredible goal after a mistake with the spare goalkeeper to Belgian player Valery Dejardin.Melaine Fenech in the ladies section also reached the semifinals of the category.
In the clubs competition, held on Saturday two teams from Malta were present to the tournament. Bormla SC and Valletta SC both qualified from the Group and thus making this the very first time a Maltese squad qualifies to the second round in the Major of Bologna. Bormla SC eventually passed the barrages stage by beating the team from Austria Royal 78. In the next section, together with other 15 clubs, Bormla were then thrown out on a controversary decision by Greek referee when he expelled Mauro Camilleri with a direct red card. Camilleri was suspended from the game in an unjustified way and when they were beating well established Perugia 1973 by the score 2-1, the team was then thrown out due to difference of goals. Bormla SC captain, Charlie Aquilina emphasized that the clubs is to protest about this decision to FISTF.

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