Johann Spiteri – 4 wins from 5 starts at Racalmuto.

Thursday, November 22, 2012, 6:45

Motorsport Team Malta driver Johann Spiteri drove his Jedi Suzuki to it’s fourth win of the season at the sixth and final round of the Campionato Siciliano di Velocita in Pista. All six rounds were promoted by Sikelia Motorsport, and held at the excellent 2.7 kilometre Autodromo Valle dei Templi at Racalmuto, Sicily.

The Maltese driver started off the season with a win in the first round of the championship in March. He had to miss round 2 due to work commitments but returned in May for round three where he finished second. After that it was three wins in a row in the last three rounds, Johann and his team totally dominating the class scene throughout the season. And just for good measure, Johann put his Jedi Suzuki on the class pole position on all 5 rounds he started.

Unfortunately however, it was not enough to win the coveted championship, which was won by young Filippo Costa who scored 2 wins, one in Johann’s absence, and four second places. Little did the Spiteri’s realize at the time that missing just that one event would have such disastrous consequences on the outcome of the championship.

I spent quite a bit of time with Johann and his father Charles at Racalmuto this season, and was impressed with the seriousness, thoroughness and dedication with which they go about their racing. They are exemplary, no fuss, no shouting, and total organisation. Every lap is timed, every change to suspensions, gearing, or any other parameter is measured and noted, and I was impressed to see that when the car was weighed as a precaution before one of the races, it weighed exactly 2 kilos about the required class weight limit, with an empty fuel tank. That’s what I call perfection, and it is a good part of the reason that Johann and his little team are so successful. They even measure brake pad wear and temperatures between practice sessions. It doesn’t get much more precise than that.

I spoke to Johann shortly after his most recent win, where he totally annihilated the class opposition. He was delighted with his performance and that of the car throughout the weekend, but he couldn’t help thinking: “What if we hadn’t missed round two ?” It doesn’t take anything away from the fact that Johann was outstanding throughout the season. His driving was always precise, neat and fair, and his father’s preparation of the car left no stone unturned. A winning team indeed.

Whilst Johann competed regularly in the championship this year, other drivers too made sporadic forays to Racalmuto with James Dunford, Adam Bugeja and Joshua Anastasi also winning their respective classes when they attended. The dates for next year’s championship have already been announced, and Motorsport Team Malta will again be there flying the flag for Malta.

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