Johann gets it right… Amamoo ordered to pay EUR6,000

Saturday, November 19, 2011, 15:11

by Sandro Micallef

The MFA’s discipline board has fined former Floriana keeper William Amamoo the sum of EUR6,000 for his failure to turn up for the BOV Premier league match Floriana vs Valletta FC.

Johann Said gets his revenge on Amamoo

The player had insisted with his Club that he could not play since he was sick but the general practitioner that visited him on the morning of the game had declared him fit to play. The goalkeeper alleged that he had in his possession audio and visual recordings of the doctor’s visit were he claimed that the GP had verbally said that he was sick and unfit to play. This claim was categorically denied by the doctor and the Club.

Speaking this morning to this site Johann Said Floriana FC President said that he is happy that at least this issue is over and the real truth has emerged. “We kept a low profile on this issue and I personally decided not to speak a lot in the media, but now it is time for Floriana FC to speak” commented Said.

He added that the player and his two lawyers Dr. Chris Busietta and a legal aide of Dr.Franco Debono wanted to remedy matters at the MFA headquarters before the hearing. “I insisted that we should go settle this in front of the Board so that justice is made. I am grateful to Matthew Paris and Hugh Peralta for their help and assistance in this matter and also thanks to the MFA that has understood the situation”

Seems that once Amamoo pays the sum he was ordered to pay Mr. Said will release him with immediate affect. In the meantime the players is still suspended with no pay.

This judgement puts in a very bad light the image of the player not only locally but also internationally after he had instigated a negative social media campaign against the Club and against the Floriana President. Said is also thinking of taking legal action against the player on the base of defamation.


  1. Ferugia says:

    Today fifa vindicated flotianas former Ghanaian keeper William by clearinh jim to play and sent his i.t.c. For his new club after floriana refused to release it. Am happy fifa is always there to serve people right. What is Mfa and floriana saying now ?. The keeper is also awaiting a decidion on the money he sued floriana for. Now can you change your headline to johan gets it wrong ? Hmmm.


  2. Sandy says:

    The truth is all over youtube . so now he who lough last lough best. Good there if FIFA Who will not favour anyone or will not judge a case without proof. FIFA only says the truth and nothing els.


  3. N/A says:

    ara vera int purcinell di nascita johann


  4. soweto says:

    LT FIFA RUL THE CASE THEN WE SHALL SEE WHO WILL LOUGH LAST. Fifa is an independent organization. AM HAPPY THERE IS FIFA. when you recieve the initial letter from fifa then rejoice. Be prepared to pay all the rest of the players money for your wrong doings. just a week more , and fifa will descend o you. I wrote on behalf of Amamoo to fifa , because I tought Floriana was at fault , and was surprise how they could go scott free. If fia rules the player at fault , then we will agree if not then Floriana has a lot to pay. Lough at the wrong side of your mouth. Sweet it will be when floriana is forced by fifa to pay William.


  5. ahmar u abjad says:

    ta palata bjorn


    The God Reply:

    U minn jaf minn tah il-palati biex dawn il-kummiedji li ghamel amamoo saru darbtejn qabel il-loghba kontra l-belt… Minn jaf ux ghala GHAZEL dawk id-darbtejn…


  6. williams says:

    Proset Johann!!!! haqqu talli mexa kontra floriana fc


  7. Ray says:

    Well done lil kumitat kollhu tal-Floriana FC


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