Joe Zammit is Birkirkara’s new President

Saturday, June 11, 2011, 21:15

Mr. Joe Zammit is the new Birkirkara FC President. He was elected in the first committee meeting which was held today.

Dr. Adrian Delia was elected as Vice President and  Mr. Ivan Muscat was appointed as the Club’s Secretary, while Mr. Jason Deguara is the Assistant Secretary.

Newly elected Mr. Charles Micallef known as iċ-Ċilla was elected as the Club’s Treasurer and Mr. Ivan Mizzi as the Assistant Treasurer. Mr. Carmelo Calleja was elected as the Club’s Director.

Dr. Adrian Delia was elected as the MFA Council member, Mr. Manuel Bezzina was appointed as the MFA Club Delegate and Mr. Peter Busutill was appointed as the second MFA Club Delegate.

The new President Joe Zammit will be taking responsabilities of the Club which was administered by Club President Karm Galea for the past two season. Zammit is known for his loyalty to the ex Birkirkara Chairman Victor Zammit, the latter kept on campaigning in the past two seasons against the past administration through his website

All members elected in alphabetical order:

Bezzina Manuel, Borg John, Borg Martin, Busutill Peter, Calleja Carmelo, Calleja Peter, Deguara Jason, Delia Adrian, Gatt Mario, Licari Joseph, Micallef Charlo, Mizzi Ivan, Muscat Ivan, Pisani Joe, Zammit Joseph

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