Dede is the new MFA President – Election Special

Saturday, August 7, 2010, 9:58

MFA Annual General Meeting

by Sandro Micallef

Norman Darmanin Demajo won the election for the top seat at the MFA after he won with a margin of 46 votes in the much awaited election.

There was jubilation by Darmanin Demajo’s fans as he was declared the official winner official. The result waus as follows – 77 votes for Norman Darmanin Demajo and 31 votes for the outgoing President .

It was a big disappointment not only for Joe Mifsud who loses his seat after 18 years but also for Dr. Peter Fenech who lost his seat as the MFA’s Vice President after he received the least amount of votes out of the four candidates who ran for the three Vice Presidents posts. Fenech told the media after the result was announced that he was very upset at the outcome of the result and conceded defeat. He said that he would consider to help in any sector of the MFA if he would be offered the opportunity by the new team at the helm of the MFA.

Antoine Portelli was elected Treasurer of the MFA after Paul Bugeja withdrew his candidature with Manfre already elected as Vice President earlier.

Full results below.

At 9am all was set for the MFA Presidential election that was held at the Centenary Hall in Ta Qali.

Earlier during the day delegates were requested to register by 9am. They were each handed a copy of the MFA Administration report which has to be approved before the respective elections planned for today. They were also handed the famous yellow and green cards for possible votes in favour or against any amendments that might be put forward during today’s meeting which commenced at 9.30am.

Today’s MFA Annual General meeting included the much awaited election for President contested by Dr. Joe Mifsud and Norman Darmanin Demajo, the election for three Vice Presidents contested by Alex Manfre, Dr. Peter Fenech, Ludovico Micallef and Carmelo Bartolo. The other major election today was that of treasurer, a position that was contested for by another three candidates namely Paul Bugeja, Alex Manfre and Antoine Portelli.

Live update !

9.35am Joe Mifsud takes his seat and everyone stands up for the Malta National Anthem.

9.40am Joe Mifsud asks for one minute silence in respect of those MFA Members that passed away this year.

9.40am Joe Mifsud presents an audio visual video clip highlighting the achievements of the 2009 – 10 season.

10am Joe Gauci General Secretary MFA starts reading the Annual Administrative report.

10.30am Norman Darmanin Demajo enters the Centenary Hall accompanied by Bjorn Vassallo and Antoine Portelli.

10.33am Camerapersons and photographers surround Darmanin Demajo to take shots as he is ushered to his seat at the back of the hall.

10.35am Birkirkara delegate John Borg sits next to Darmanin Demajo.

10.45am Joe Gauci MFA General Secretary almost half way with his reading of the MFA Annual Administrative report.

11.00am Neither Joe Mifsud nor any of the high officials on the top table make reference to the presence of Darmanin Demajo.

11.15am Joe Gauci starts reading page 62 out of 72 pages of the Administrative report. We calculate that within 30 mins this reading will be over and the tension starts.

11.20am Norman Darmanin Demajo leaves the hall to grab a coffee in the designated area inside dressing rooms adjacent to the hall.

11.30am Dede renters the hall and sits again in his original seat as seen in the photos below. Now sitting next to him Jesmond Abela know as il-Huc of Hibs.

11.35am Update on who is sitting on the top table – Joe Mifsud flanked by one side Joe Gauci and on the other by Carmelo Bartolo. Also on the table Alex Manfre, Ludovico Micallef, Peter Fenech and Louis Micallef deputy General Secretary.

11.45am Delegates, council members and observers go out of hall for a coffee break.

12.15pm The AGM resumes with the Audit Report which is being presented by Vincent Curmi of Vincent Curmi and associates Co ltd.

12.35pm Marsa FC will be the only team that will not vote in today’s elections after a ballot that was held to determine the 10 clubs to vote from the third division was held. On the other hand Zurrieq and San Gwann will have only one vote after a ballot was done to determine the 10 voters from the second decision. Only the delegates of these two clubs will vote their council members will not.

12.40pm The financial report of the MFA has been approved nem com.

12.45pm Stefan Vella chairman of the electoral commission takes the seat to start election.

12.50pm Joe Mifsud packs his personal belongings and leaves the room accompanied by Joe Farrugia known as il-Farell …. Norman Darmanin Demajo follows too and leaves the Centenary stadium as a passenger in a Freelander driven by his aides. Voting starts

1.20pm Voting ends. 108 voted out of 109 entitled to vote one delegate absent.

1:30pm Norman Darmanin Demajo is the new MFA President ! 77 – 31 votes. Dede won by 46 votes.

1.35pm Joe Mifsud enters back to the Hall and says that after the result he is asking the Electoral commission to continue with the other elections and goes out again. He did not make reference to the defeat.

1.40pm Norman Darmanin Demajo arrives back at the Centenary Stadium but stays out. Some commotion and tension by Dede’s aides outside the Centenary.

2pm Election for Vice Presidents starts. Elected – Alex Manfre 78 votes, Carmelo Bartolo 77 votes, 67 Ludovico Micallef, with Dr. Peter Fenech 52 votes. The latter losing his post.

2.15pm Anointe Portelli elected treasurer after Paul Bugeja withdrew his candidate after earlier Manfre was elected as Vice President.

2.45pm Joe Mifsud and Norman Darmanin Demajo reportedly shake hands in a room inside the Centenary Stadium.

3pm Some delegates start leaving the Centenary Hall deciding not to wait for the official handover of the Presidential MFA seat.

3.10pm Counting of votes for two posts of Executive Committee members representing Premier clubs commences.

3.20pm Joe Gauci of Birkirkara FC and Jesmond Abela of Hibs elected. Other candidates who were not elected for these posts Victor Cassar of Hamrun, Paul Spiteri of Valletta and John Vella of Tarxien. Result – Gauci 67 votes, Abela 55 votes, Spiteri 38 votes, Cassar 19 votes, Vella 18 votes.

3.25pm Counting for posts of two Executive committee members representing member associations commences.

3.30pm Result – Donald Spiteri 73 votes, Joe Cassar Naudi 54 votes and Kenneth Cassar 40 votes, the latter not elected.

4pm Joe Mifsud returns the Hall makes reference to the election and concedes defeat. He continuous but with the last two items on the Agenda.

4.15pm Joe Mifsud makes his final speech as MFA President saying that he is leaving behind him a solid Association, and says that although he is upset about the fact that he lost the election he remarks that he will be personally relieved from a big responsibility of heading a bid Association like the MFA

4.20pm Joe Mifsud in his very last words says “I apologise to all those who have been hurt one day or another by my actions which I took in the interest of the Association.

4.21pm. The council members and delegates make a round of applause to Mifsud.

4.22pm. Mifsud asks Norman Darmanin Demajo to come and replace him in his seat.

4.23pm Darmanin Demajo and Mifsud make a golden hand shake in front of everyone.

4.25p. The new MFA President thanks everyone for the great support. The AGM is closed.


  1. Riefnu says:

    There’s a lot to change, changes are expensive, you need to get the people to the football grounds, marketing, serious marketing, the use of billboards to promote the weekend games, tv commercials etc, when national team is promoted on billboards we always get good attendances in our stadium.
    Marketing the games… please, you definitly need extra money to do your program and more people in our grounds more money, No Money No Changes!!!!!!


  2. Richard Chetcuti says:

    Weldone Norman MALTA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION needed new blood. As well my good friend was a Tresurer Mr. Alex Manfre now G


  3. Chris Saliba says:

    Well done Norman….Good to luck…… Thanks Joe Mifsud


  4. Toni says:

    poggu naqra stampi jekk jogbokom halli nithlu flatmosfera!


  5. C.Portelli says:

    Welldone DeDe. Today will start a new era for the Maltese Football.


  6. Dominic Camilleri says:

    Finally !!!! good ridance !!!!


  7. L. Zammit says:

    Is-sewwa rebah……U kif!!


    Richard Chetcuti Reply:

    Yes now the MALTA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION has a new blood. Norman Darmanin Demajo. Now we see wnhat si Maltese Football and true the National Team will play well. Congratulations Norman. All football teams and the Mlatese People will be proud of you. God Bless you Norman


  8. clive says:

    Well done DeDe!! Finally a breathe of fresh air!! Thank You Dr Mifsud…. you could have spared this humiliating ending by bowing out before and leave out with honour!!


  9. Floriana says:

    Weldone Norman….:)


  10. roger says:

    well done dede well done malta but thanks to joe you where good but became arrogant now its time for a new era


  11. valletta fc says:

    is sewwa rebah bl arroganza mu ha tihu xejn :) proset norman


  12. vfc says:

    Apparti NDD rebah il football Malti……….Well done Norman!


  13. Sandro Bianchi says:

    Well done Norman you whopped his ass finally. Sorry Joe time to pack up. We will now face a new era. Well done to all the voters we needed a change finally.


  14. jerry says:

    Se jibdew issa nahseb fl- ahhar wasal il mument tal verdet


  15. Miriam Sargent says:

    Good Luck Norman!!


  16. roger says:

    bil rata li sejrin ghandna s’ghada nistennow


  17. roger says:

    kemm se idumu jghidu ostra come on


  18. louis attard says:

    Come on norman few hours and we will be there



    Well done Norman and keep up the good work you had started. I would appreciatre if you can

    contact me as I can be of service and willing to assist in any way to sesrious people like you.
    I had vast experience in other committees even in National Ones. If you think I can be of any assistance you can contact me. Once again well done and good luck


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