Joe Mifsud ready to meet with Darmanin Demajo…. but only in Court

Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 15:05

by Sandro Micallef.

The Press conference called by the MFA to give details about the forthcoming friendly game against Germany took an unexpected twist half way through, as Dr. Joe Mifsud once again rebutted claims made by Norman Darmanin Demajo during the latter’s press event on Saturday morning.

The MFA boss did not accept Demajo’s plea to meet up and clear things out, neither did he accept to show the original CWL contract as specifically requested by his challenger for the MFA Presidency.

MFA President Joe Mifsud

MFA President Joe Mifsud

In his 55 minute-long, detailed and well-prepared speech, Mifsud said “I will only meet up Darmanin Demajo in Court during the hearings of the two libel cases I have filed against him”.

The current MFA President rebutted Darmanin Demajo’s latest arguments by accusing the latter with various items, amongst which four which stood out and which Mifsud listed as follows:

Darmanin Demajo is trying to confuse people’s minds

He (Darmanin Demajo) thinks very highly of himself

He (Darmanin Demajo) makes many contradictory statements and last but not least

Darmanin Demajo is damaging the MFA’s reputation with these unfounded allegations.

Dr. Mifsud said that contrary to what Darmanin Demajo said, it was the St. Andrews Vice President who started this personal grudge against him, when back in June of 2000 they were both invited for the Germany v England match. On that occasion Darmanin Demajo refused to say hello and refused to speak to Dr. Mifsud on more than one occasion.

He said that Darmanin Demajo was being given a clear sign by the MFA Council members that they had no confidence in him by voting in favor of Joe Mifsud on various occasions. The most important one, he continued, was the Extraordinary General Meeting,when Mifsud had asked the MFA Council members that if they thought that there was something illegal and irregular in the CWL contract, he was ready to cancel the contract in question and the MFA would lose the promised sum of money. In that EGM Mifsud had asked for a vote of confidence which was given to him by the majority of the members. He kept on receiving a vote of confidence in the 2001, 2004 and 2007 MFA Annual General Meetings, in which he remarked that he was contested twice.

Dr. Mifsud also referred to the fact that Darmanin Demajo had known that all the TV rights contracts had a clause of confidentiality as he was treasurer between 1992 and 1999, so the fact that he took these contracts out of the MFA offices and exposed these contracts to third parties was a sign of revenge by Darmanin Demajo, remarked Mifsud.

The MFA President said that at that time, in 2000, the circulation of such commercial contracts was not considered a criminal offence, but under the amended criminal laws of Malta such an incident would be considered a crime. Mifsud also referred to the handful of journalists present and encouraged them to ask Darmanin Demajo the following simple question “Go and ask Demajo who were his friends who took sums of money when they leaked the story about CWL to the News of The World” , alleging that Darmanin Demajo’s close buddies were remunerated for providing information at the time.

Mifsud once again stressed on his argument that his opponent was the one that was harming the MFA and he had documentation to prove this. In fact Mifsud read out the contents of a letter sent by HSBC bank, in which the Bank Manager at that time had written to the General Secretary of the MFA asking for clarification about the alleged wrong doings within the association as the bank was concerned over the numerous articles that were being published and featured by Darmanin Demajo in order to put the Association and the President himself in bad light.

The 59 year old lawyer by profession said that he had enough of Demajo’s never ending threats and he went on to mention, for the very first time in public, a specific incident when he said that Darmanin Demajo had sent a message via a third person saying “Dr. Mifsud, qallek Norman Darmanin Demajo, jew tirrizenja bil-kwiet inkella flok jiggilidlek bl-ingwanti tal-bellus se jiggilidlek bl-ingwanti tal-hadid”. Mifsud said that these messages were being constantly delivered to him, and another person had told Mifsud “Qallek Norman, ahjar tahsiba sew biex tirrizenja. Qallek irrizenja minn President u jhallik bil-kwiet fil-UEFA”. Dr. Misud said that he was never and will never be influenced by such messages because as he himself said “Jien subghajja dritt, iktar minn kemm jahsbu xi whud”.

Faced by a series of questions following his intervention, Mifsud kept calm and replied to each and every journalist. When asked if it was true that he had signed the CWL contract in Qrendi, Mifsud said “Yes of course it was signed in Qrendi, I remember that I had organized a small reception at my house when England were playing here in Malta and had some colleagues over… do you think that if I had something to hide I would have written down ‘signed at Qrendi’ ? I would have written signed in Switzerland or wherever” commented Mifsud.

Asked to give details about the famous trust accounts, Mifsud denied that the MFA had any trust accounts. A question about the date when the 250,000USD were deposited in the MFA’s account Mifsud said “Yes they were deposited four months after the signature, the TV agencies do not pay immediately the most important thing is that we got paid” he concluded.

At the end of the Press Conference he said that the MFA was to seek further legal advice regarding Norman Darmanin Demajo’s move to hand copies of the alleged four irregular contracts to six of his closest alias. This according to Mifsud can lead to additional proceedings in Darmanin Demajo’s regard.

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  1. Nigel Dedomenico says:

    Its unbelievable how Joe Mifsud believes his own lies !!! Norman Darmanin Demajo does not make threats, these are all lies. The facts are clear and Joe Mifsud tried to take the money from the CWL contract for his own pocket. Full stop. Good Luck Norman


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