Joe Mifsud back in contention and how!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010, 10:47

by Sandro Micallef

A screen grab from the TV programme Robert Musumeci TALK

A screen grab from the TV programme Robert Musumeci TALK

A smart and geared up Mifsud opted to present himself in front of the TV cameras again in what could be  his last public appearance before the much awaited  MFA Annual General meeting in which he will be contested for the post of President by Norman Darmanin Demajo.

Mifsud was interviewed on Smash TV yesterday evening during a one on one interview with PN candidate Robert Musumeci. This was the second time that Mifsud accepted to be interviewed at length this year after he had also been invited to appear on TVM’s Dissett hosted by Reno Bugeja. Yesterday’s interview with Musumeci was no comparison at all with what happened at the G’Mangia studios, as the PN’s architect took a softer approach with some easy questions to Mifsud helping him to hype up his candidature and and enabling him to calmly highlight his promises.

During the interview, Mifsud, who will be seeking an extension to his 18 year term at MFA, confirmed that should he be elected, all local Clubs from the Premier to Third Division together with the MFA’s member associations like the MFCA and MFRA will be granted a sum of EUR5,000 each for the next three seasons to help them run their respective entities. This money will come through funds the MFA will be receiving thanks to a TV rights deal that Mifsud has arranged in combination with an International friendly scheduled later in the year. Recently the newspaper Illum revealed that this team might be Italy.

He added that if Malta would be drawn in the FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifier group against one of the top teams like Italy, England, France, Spain and Germany he promises that the financial bonus in connection with the TV rights will be directly invested between the Youth Sector and the Clubs with a 50% share each.

When asked about his manifesto that he sent over the past days to all the 109 individuals that are entitled to vote this Saturday, Mifsud confirmed that for the very first time he will give EUR10,000 in cash to all the 10 Premier League Clubs to employ a full time Club administrator.

Joe Mifsud stressing a point during yesterday's interview

Joe Mifsud stressing a point during yesterday's interview

But half way through the programme the host opted to go into the controversy and personal clash that exists between Mifsud and Dede. Musumeci referred to an interview that the latter gave to the local newspaper Illum, listing a series of allegations towards Mifsud. The MFA President cut him short and said that he had initiated libel proceedings against Mr. Norman Darmanin Demajo, the editor of the newspaper and the author of this article. He went on to add that after some weeks he had received calls requesting him to withdraw his libel.

The day after Mifsud’s good show on Smash TV, local football supporters have woken up speaking about Mifsud’s great comeback. spoke with two football fans who watched the interview yesterday.

One of them who supports Birkirkara FC said “I thought it was game over and Norman would win hands down but after hearing Mifsud yesterday I think that the guy knows what he is doing. He still enjoys the supports of many club members” he added.

Another local football enthusiast from Valletta remarked “I think Mifsud did a very silly thing by going to South Africa for a whole month. He should have used those days to meet clubs and work for votes. I think that it will be another close encounter but still I think that there are a lot of double faces at the MFA council that have vouched their support to Norman but in the polling booth they will vote Mifsud”

Recently two polls that have been commissioned by this website and the local Maltese newspaper Illum and both show that Norman Darmanin Demajo is the favourite to win Saturday’s election.’s poll showed an impressive 73% vote in favour of Darmanin Demajo (general public voted), whilst the Illum poll which was assigned to journalist Mark Attard last Sunday and conducted amongst the actual council member voters gave a 43% advantage to Darmanin Demajo with Mifsud claiming 38% with 19% of those contacted still undecided or did not want to take a side.


  1. Kevin Attard says:

    u ma tarax li d-dott mifsud kien xi darba se jsib ruhu f’diffikulta fi programm ta smash tv meta l-mfa thallas eluf ta flus lill-istess stazzjono. kien programm propoganda wahda favuur mifsud. insaqsi issa d-dede se jmur ukoll fuq smash tv ?


    C.Portelli Reply:

    Good words mate……


  2. miczer says:

    jien ma narax lil musumeci u id dott bhala hbieb iktar bil kontra anki politicaly


  3. Common Supporter says:

    Under the Presidency of Dr Mifsud, with all the limitations, Maltese Football made a huge improvement as regards to the facilities of the MFA and also of member clubs. So thumbs up for Dr Mifsud


  4. Richard Chetcuti says:

    The Malta Football Association needs a good blood. I think Mr.Norman Darmanin Demajo should be the new President as i said New Blood must be


  5. it twiks says:

    how biased.. same old robert..i guess some things never change.. $ > Football


  6. melvin attard says:

    tapit ahmar kien jonqsu jaghmillu musumeci u ejja kollox ippjanat favur id-dott kien


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