Hearing of Mifsud’s libel case vs Darmanin Demajo deferred to October

Thursday, April 15, 2010, 12:01

The postponing of today’s hearing can be considered as a huge disappointment for Darmanin Demajo and Co. as the former MFA Treasurer was to divulge certain information in Court about Mifsud’s alleged wrong doings that have not been published in any sector of the Press so far.

Darmanin Demajo, and his right hand man Bjorn Vassallo, might consider calling a Press Conference in the forthcoming days to give more details about their ammunition against Mifsud in the build up for the election campaign.

In less than three months time the current MFA President will stand for a re-election for another two year period, but with all probability he will be contested by Norman Darmanin Demajo. Both Dr. Joe Mifsud and Darmanin Demajo, (the latter being the ex MFA treasurer) have not yet officially confirmed their candidature for the July election that will take place during the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

On the eve of this interesting election, both gentlemen were meant to meet again face to face in Court, during the libel case filed by Dr. Joe Mifsud against Darmanin Demajo for defamation, but this morning’s session has been deferred this site is informed.

Sportinmalta.com can confirm that following Magistrate Michael Mallia’s appointment as a Judge, this case has been passed on to Magistrate Silvio Meli. Summoned to court for the continuation of this case were also Mark Attard and Kurt Sansone, Sports Journalist and former editor respectively of the Maltese Newspaper Illum.

The MFA President, Dr. Joe Mifsud

The MFA President had filed a libel case against Darmanin Demajo and the journalist (Mark Attard) and editor (Kurt Sansone) of Illum, after the newspaper  had published a story featuring quotes by Darmanin Demajo. In this article that was published in December 2008, the former MFA Treasurer, who has already contested Dr. Mifsud’s post in the past unsuccessfully, made a number a serious of allegations which included misappropriation of finances by the MFA boss. Darmanin Demajo was quoted by  Attard as having said that he was aware that a particular TV rights contract was signed by Dr. Mifsud alone without the signatures of the other MFA officials.

In this morning’s hearing which was to commence at 9:00am, the Court was to continue hearing Darmanin Demajo’s long and detailed witness. In this 4th hearing the main contestant for the top seat at the MFA was to give details about articles that were featured in the local media especially by International Journalist Andrew Jennings that have put Joe Mifsud in a bad light. Darmanin’s argument is that notwithstanding all the accusations by Jennings, Dr. Mifsud never filed a libel case against him.  BBC ‘s TV show Panorama had also featured a series of allegations in the Football industry involving FIFA’s and UEFA’s top officials and had also mentioned the name of the MFA President in some alleged wrong doings.

Dr. Toni Abela is assisting Mark Attard and Kurt Sansone whilst Norman Darmanin Demajo is being assisted by Dr. Chris Bonnet and Dr. Maxine Cassar. Dr. Pawlu Lia, who had signed the libel case on behalf of Dr. Joe Mifsud and appeared in court during the first two hearings, did not turn up for  the third session of this case. Dr. Joe Mifsud who is a lawyer by profession might opt to continue this libel case against Darmain Demajo and the newspaper Illum without seeking the assistance of fellow lawyers.

The sitting has been deferred to the 19th October 2010 at 9.00am.


  1. sacha says:

    Joe Mifsud your time is up.Everyone knows what youve done under the table!! TV rights and so on…Millenium stand aswell! Bayern Munich!You voted Germany for world cup! Mafia again.


  2. John Caruana says:

    This will take long to be decided. I only think that Mifsud’ s time as president of the MFA is up. Mifsud make way for new blood and fresh ideas.


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