Jimmy Bugeja – National Coach Double Trap Shooting

Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 15:43
Jimmy Bugeja was born on the 7th April 1957. He has been an active member of The Malta Shooting Sport Federation since 1979. He started his shooting sport career as a Trap shooter, where he competed in Local competitions and International Shooting Grand Prix.
In 1999, Jimmy started assisting as a technical coach, Junior Maltese Double Trap shooter William Chetcuti. The first overseas encounter as an Official  National Double Trap Coach was in 2001 San Marino GSSE where William won his first Silver Medal.
In 2002 they went together for The Pre Commonwealth Gamesin Bisely UK and soon after to The Coomwealth Games where his shooter William Chetcuti won The bronze Medal.
Since then The Malta Olympic Committee chose Immy Bugeja to assist the Maltese Double Trap shooters in All ISSf World Cups, ISSF World Championships, European Championships, Games of Small States of Europe, Mediterranean Games, Commonwealth Games and also Olympic Games.
Since 2002 when William was awarded an Olympic Solidarety scholarship, Jimmy Bugeja assisted him practically in all ISSF International events all around the globe.
In 2003 Jimmy assisted William in The GSSE in Malta where he won The Gold Medal in Double Trap.
In 2004 they took part in all ISSF events where in The European Championships William managed The Double Trap Juniors World record in Cyprus of 146/150 and 192/200.
In August 2004 they took part in The Athens Olympics  where william placed 9th after a shoot off for the barrage finals.
In 2005 they took part in The Andorra GSSE and winning The Gold Medal.
Soon after the took part in the Med games of Almeria where william won The Bronze medal.
In belgrade European Juniors Championships they won a Silver medal and another Silver medal in The ISSF World cup.
They also took part in The ISSF World cup in Brazil where he had a shoot off for the barrage finals.
In 2005 William qualified for The ISSF World Cup Finals in Dubai where Jimmy assisted him to place 4th among the best 12 shooters in the world.
In 2006 they took part in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games where William won Bronze and Rodney micallef won Silver in The Batch Shoot.
In 2007 they took part in ISSF World Cups and Championships.
Also in 2007 Jimmy Bugeja started assisting another two Junior double trap shooters, Nathan Lee Xuereb and Derek Bonanno that took part in the Pune Youth Commonwealths.
In August 2008 Jimmy assisted William Chetcuti in The Beijing Olympic Games where he placed 8th after a shoot off for the barage finals.
Nathan Lee Xuereb kept improving his technique assisted by Jimmy Bugeja in International events where at the age of 14 he placed 4th in Juniors World shooting Championships in Finland in 2010.
In 2010 Jimmy assisted his two shooters William and Nathan for The Commonwealth Games in Delhi where both had a good performance. 2001 was the highlight of Jimmy’s career where he managed to assist both his shooters for great success.
His Junior Nathan Lee Xuereb took the best podium places in The Winter Italian Championships. Jimmy assisted William in the best and first ever Gold Medal in The ISSF World Cup 2011 Beijing that also brought the first ever Olympic quota place for The London 2012.
Soon after they travelled to Italy for The Italian Double Trap Gran Prix where William Placed 4th overall and Nathan won Category B.
Followed by The Italian Championships at Umbria Verde where William placed 1st overall and Nathan 1st in Juniors and 5th overall.
In July 2011 Jimmy was part of the organizing committe for The 2nd Malta International Double Trap Grand Prix where top world shooters took part from several Nations.This event was won by his shooter William Chetcuti and Nathan placed 11th overall.
They also took part in ISSF World Cup Slovania and European Championships Belgrade where William placed sixth overall and his other shooer Nathan also was in barage finals to place 6th in Juniors.
Soon after they went for The ISSF World Championships 2011 in Belgrade where William placed 5th overall aaaand Nathan 4th in Juniors.
In October they qualified for  Al Ain in Abu Dhabi for The ISSF World Cup Finals whe William placed 8th overall.
Besides being The National Coach in Double Trap, Jimmy Bugeja is also an ISSF qualified referee in all shotgun events that is Double Trap, Trap and Skeet shooting.

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