Jesmond Caruana elected as technical committee member in the EWF

Saturday, April 14, 2012, 13:24

During the congress meeting held at Antalya Turkey the 47 from 49 members of the European Weightlifting Federation voted to elect the members who would run the federation for the next four years.

Jesmond Caruana as President of the Malta Weightlifting Association contested this election for the position of technical committee member and was successfully elected for this post .

Antonio Urso was re-elected as President while Hassan Akkus of Turkey was elected as General Secretary. Elections were also held for Treasurer, Vice President, an executive committee, a medical committee and even a committee of auditors.

The involvement of Malta as a committee member in the European Federation is a noticeable milestone which proves there are no limitations to what can be achieved if there is enough determination. Mr. Caruana was highly praised by well-wishers who also mentioned the commendable way he runs the Maltese Association.

Mr. Caruana shall serve as Technical Officer for the coming European Championships to start on Monday 9th April and ending on the 15th April. For anyone, with an interest in this sport, this event will be televised on major European sports channels. The significance of this event is even greater this time as it is the last chance for a lot of athletes to qualify for the London Olympics.


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