Jeremy Bugeja – the most consistent throughout the whole season

Monday, August 13, 2012, 17:05

As part of the incentives Sirens swimpolo nursery offers to all its swimmers within its programmes, the most dedicated swimmer who performed consistently throughout the whole season was awarded a free summer swimming camp.

The three main contestants for this award were Jeremy Bugeja, Nicholas Sammut& Emma Tanti. The award went to Jeremy Bugeja whose dedication and efforts were outstanding and very much appreciated. Jeremy who was greatly supported by his family, friends and coaches aspires to reach his maximal potential as a swimmer through his dedication and love for this sport.

As from this swimming season a new point system will start which will come to an end on the National Championships of 2013. This new point system will target rewarding a wider spread of athletes so as to try and reach out to as many dedicated swimmers as possible.

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