Jeffrey Pisani wins Playmobil Trap Grand Prix 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011, 10:00

Jeffery Pisani was the overall winner of The Playmobil Trap Grand Prix 2011 organized at The Qormi Shooting range. This event was successfully organized, thanks to Playmobil and IHI Intercontinental Hotels, where the trap shooters competed on Sunday 5th and today Tuesday 7th June on 125 clays.

Jeffery Pisani made a remarkable  score of 119/125 plus 21 in the barrage finals for a total of 140/150

Frans Pace managed 113/125 and a 23, for a total of 136/150 to place 2nd.

Brian Galea placed 3rd with 113+22=135/150

Jason J.Aquilina placed 4th with 114+19=133/150

Stephen Vella placed 5th with 111+22=133/150

Stanley Cardona placed 6th with 111+21=132/150

 In Barrage B where the best two from each class A,B, and C qualified.

Joe Attard placed 1st with 106+21=127+s/off+3

Jean Deguara placed 2nd with 107+20=127+s/off+2

Frans Bugeja placed 3rd with 109+17=126

 Class A 1st Jeffery Pisani 119, 2nd Jason J.Aquilina 114, 3rd Frans Pace 113.

Class B 1st Frans Bugeja 109, 2nd Jean Deguara 107, 3rd Paul Formosa 106.

Class C 1st Silvio Attard 106, 2nd Ray Micallef 103, 3rd Jean Zammit 100.

In The Veterans Class, Peter Muscat placed 1st, Carmel Mallia placed 2nd and Frank Scorfna placed 3rd, all with 103/125.

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