Jeffery Pisani winner of All Malta Trap 19-08-12

Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 14:53

Jeffery Pisani was in top form this weekend at The Bidnija ranges where The All Malta Trap was being organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation.

 Jeffery managed 25/25 in his first round followed by 24/25 and another 24/25 on Saturday. On Sunday morning he started with another 25/25 and 24/25 for a brilliant score of 122/125. This is only one clay short of a National Record. In the barrage finals he managed 22/25 single barrel for a total of 144/150.

Brian Galea placed second with 118/125 +17/25 =135/150

Stephen Vella placed third after a shoot of with 116/125 + 17/25 = 133/150+s/of+3

Alessandro Nicotra Di San Giacomo placed 4th with 114+19=133/150 +s/off+2

Frans Paced placed 5th with 112/125 + 18/25 = 130/150

Frankie Scorfna placed 6th 113/125 + 16/25 = 129/150.

 High scores dominated this All Malta even where five straights of 25/25 were registered. Two by Jeffery Pisani, one by Brian Galea, one by Allessandro Nicotra and another by Matthew Busuttil. It is also remarkable that all six shooters that qualified for the barrage finals had an ISSF minimum qualifying score.


Class A 1st Jeffery Pisani 122/125

              2nd Brian Galea 118/125

              3rd Stephen Vella 116/125

Class B 1st Frank Scorfna 113/125

              2nd Alvin Vella 111/125

              3rd George Mifsud 109/125

Class C 1st Robert Aquilina 107/125

              2nd Joe Cutajar 98/125

              3rd Carmel Grech 93/125

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