Jason Pisani wins Grand Prix of Birmingham

Thursday, May 9, 2013, 22:10

This weekend Jason Pisani who is a player of the Valletta Subbuteo Club (VSC) took part in the Grand Prix of Birmingham (England).  He took part in the Veteran category and he competed against 30 other players.  The VSC player managed to qualify from the group stages by beating Tony McCann, Brian Kindrade , Allan Cook and qualify for the Quarter final.

In the Quarter final Jason Pisani played against Dave Russull and won the game 1-0 to qualify for semi-final.  In the semi-final Jason Pisani played against Mike Parnaby and qualified to the final by beating Mike 1 – 0.  In the Final Jason Pisani played against Daniel Sheen were he managed to beat Daniel Sheen 3 -2 to become the Veteran Champion of Grand Prix of Birmingham (England).

Two other VSC players took part in the Open category of Grand Prix of Birmingham (England), that is Matt Lampitt and Chris Thomas.  Both Matt and Chris managed to win their respective group.  In the Quarter finals Matt Lampitt played against Kasper Bennet were he lost for 3 -1.  On the other hand Chris Thomas managed to qualify for the Final were he lost for 2-0 against Kasper Bennet.



  1. Jason Pisani says:

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Buffon says:

    Well done Jason…great job…from ex ST employee


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