Jason J. Aquilina wins Trap Trophy

Saturday, September 17, 2011, 23:09

Jason J. Aquilina was in top form last Sunday when he won the Victoria Aluminium Trap Trophy during a competition organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija.

Jason managed two perfect straights of 25/25 each for 50/50 to qualify for the barrage finals where he done another 23/25 for a remarkable score of 73/75.

The other results:
Stephen Vella placed second  with45+20=65
James Galea placed third with 47+14=61
Jeffery Pisani placed fourth with 43+17=60
Silvio Attard placed fifth with 45+15=60
Frankie Scorfna placed  sixth with 44+15=59
Class A 1st Jason J.Aquilina 50/50. 2nd Stephen Vella 45/50. 3rd Jeffery Pisani 43/50.
Class B 1st James Galea 47/50. 2nd Silvio Attard 45/50, 3rd Frankie Scorfna 44/50.
Class C 1st Michael Galea 36/50. 2nd George Ciappara 35/50, 3rd Jean Pierre Borg 34/50.

Jason J. Aquilina

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