James Zahra – 4th ASMK Enduro Win in Qrendi

Friday, March 13, 2015, 12:46

Trials at Mgarr and Motocross at Ta Qali on Sunday

On Sunday 8th March 2015 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the fourth Enduro race at ix-Xaghra tal-Maghlaq quarry at the limits of Qrendi. This event was supported by Dunlop, KTM and Pasta Poiatti and thanks too to ‘Hertiage Malta for their cooperation with regards to this event.

The event started at 10: 00am where 28 motorcycle riders in full uniform register for this event. During the classification the riders were divided into two classes:- those riding with motors up to 250 in Class A and Class B for riders on motorcycles with cylinder capacity greater than 250cc. During the pole position on a track of 4 kilometers it was Joseph Scicluna on a Honda 125cc 2T who recorded the best time of 5 minutes 8.16 seconds followed by James Zahra on a 250cc Yamaha with a time of 5 minutes 14.05 seconds. Following the Pole Position the race for the best time performance started to decide the Overall and Class A and B winners and Runner-Up during the following two (2) Timed Laps which also count for points. All made their best to better one’s Lap Time.

In the first Heat Damon Bonello of Class A on a motorcycle 250cc Suzuki register the best time of 4 minutes 59.44 seconds followed by Clayton Schembri on a KTM 250cc who registered his best time of 5 minutes 10.11 seconds. Yet, the Second Heat changed the whole situation where Terence Azzopardi on Kawasaki 250cc registered his time of 5 minutes 4.65 seconds, Joseph Scicluna on Honda 125cc lapped in 5 minutes 6.76 seconds and Theo Micallef on Honda 250cc did his best of 5 minutes 6.91 seconds. Yet Bonello ended up winning the class A with his first lap time followed by Azzopardi and Scicluna respectively. Micallef finished in fourth place while Schembri finished in fifth place.

In Class B an unusual situation happened where the majority of riders who went well in the first Heat they failed in the second Heat. Yet James Zahra on a Yamaha 250cc improved from on his first lap-time and registered a time of 4 minutes 45.43 seconds to win first place ranking. Zahra was followed by Alex Sant Fornier on a KTM 450cc with his best of 4 minutes 52.58 seconds and Matthew Salomon on a KTM 530cc with an improved time of 4 minutes 55.15 seconds. Only Zahra improved his Second Heat timing who managed to improve his time to 4 minutes 41.32 seconds to closed the day winning the Overall position. Sant Fornier and Salomon placed 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Andrew Cassar finished in fourth place on a KTM 300cc with 4 minutes 55.24 seconds while Victor Bajada on KTM 300cc with a time of 5 minutes 5.36 seconds won fifth place.

James Zahra on 250cc Yamaha motorcycle registered a best time of 4 minutes 41.32 seconds and his 3rd consecutive Overall win of the ASMK Enduro Motorcycle championship events sponsored by Dunlop Tyres. Runner-up is Alex Sant Fornier on his KTM 450cc with a time of 4 minutes 52.58 seconds.

More ASMK events are programmed to take place on Sunday 15 March 2015 when the Trials Championship 4th competition sponsored by ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2014/15 will be held at the Quarry at Tower Falka in Zebbieh within the limits of Mgarr. The program starts at 9:00 am.

On Sunday 15th March ASMK will be organizing the 3rd Motocross Championship event at the Sports Complex of the Association at Ta’ Qali. This event starts at 11.00am weather permitting. Otherwise the event will be cancelled due to the safety of the competitors riding their bikes. Besides the two Motocross classes A and B ASMK will be also organizing a non-Championship race for Vintage Motorcycles riders. This class will be run on a Fun Race basis.

More information can be seen at the ASMK Official website of the Association www.asmk.org.mt.

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