Jacques Mizzi’s (Coca Cola Zero Clio) Rounds 9 and 10 at Croft Circuit

Friday, June 21, 2013, 14:53

The British ITV4 Sport commentators Richard John Neil and Simon Hill did not fail to highlight how difficult it is for foreign drivers like Jacques Mizzi to take part in the very competitive one-make championship in the UK like the Renault Clio Cup.
Yet Jacques has now reached the second half of the 16-race series and he has succeeded to finish every qualifying round.
The 2.1 mile long Croft circuit might not be as well known in Malta as other more famous British racing circuits, but for the UK Clio Cup every venue is important.

It is possible that Jacques might find Croft to his liking because it happens to have long straights. Since Jacques has been scoring the best speed at the finish line on a number of occasions, Croft might present a good opportunity to register a good result.
We simply have to wait and see. One thing is certain. Jacques is doing what no other Maltese racing driver has done so far. While a number of Maltese drivers have raced successful in Sicily and elsewhere, there have never been so many drivers in the same class with an identical car as in the UK Clio Cup.Some believe that the UK Clio Cup is even more competitive than the EuroCup Clio. If that is the case, Jacques might perhaps try his hand in Europe to see the kind of competition that he will find.

At present, Jacques is in the 20 Championship with 26 points – having scored in every race. He is 12 Graduate Cup with 72 points – not bad for a beginner! Considering that this is the very first season for Jacques, and that he is competing with several very experienced drivers, his performance is quite satisfactory. Racing as a member of the Westbourne Motorsport team is of course an advantage,because he is receiving excellent advice from professional people. Jacques is learning very fast, and this weekend he will be racing in the 5 circuit this season.
The qualifying session will be held on Saturday morning between 10.50 and 11.20 UK time, while the 9th Round 12-lap race will be held at around 15.50 UK time. The 10th round 12-lap will be held at around 15.50 Uk time.

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