Jacques Mizzi’s (Coca Cola Zero Clio) 7th and 8th rounds at Oulton Park circuit

Thursday, June 6, 2013, 10:07

The 3.616 km (2.26 miles) Oulton Park racing circuit situated in picturesque Cheshire is one of the United Kingdom’s most challenging tracks, and young Jacques Mizzi is trying his luck with his Coca Cola Zero Renault Clio this weekend. Jacques did not have the opportunity to race or test his car at this circuit, so he is going to have a difficult task to learn how to deal with blind crests that lead to unforgiving corners and the frequently changing gradients. He has very limited time to learn the braking and gear changing points and the apex of the 7 corners in the Island circuit configuration. There are a shorter and a longer version of the track, but for the British Touring Car Championship and the supporting races, including the Clio Cup, the middle version is used.

In the last two races at Thruxton, Jacques could not get his best result because his car was not performing in an efficient manner. In the qualifying session, a car in front of him braked hard before a corner and Jacques had to take evasive action. To avoid running into the car in front he slammed the brakes, locked the wheels and slid on the grass into the tyre wall. Fortunately, Jacques was not hurt but there was no time to fix the car properly. He was lucky to be able to participate in the two weekend races. But starting from the 22nd position in the 12th and last row of the grid in rounds 5 and 6 was no fun at all.

Jacques did the best he could but in the absence of the proper car and engine setting it was an uphill battle all the way. Finishing both races in 19 th position was an achievement in itself.

His only consolation was that in round 6 he succeeded to register the 9th best speed at the  finish line with a speed of 91.5 mph. He was evidently trying very hard when he managed to control a spin in his 7th lap, which was caught on ITV4 (13:07)!

Jacques also recorded the 9 best sector in sector 1 in round 6 with a time of 52.156 seconds. His fastest lap in this round was 1 minute 25.910 seconds in the 3rd lap, which was identical to his ideal lap. This means that he was very consistent given the machine at his disposal.

By lap 4 of the 12-lap race he succeeded to climb to the 17 th position. But this lasted only two laps, and by lap 7 he was back in the last place because of a controlled spin. In the circumstances he could not do any better than climb back to the 19th place within two laps and defend his position until the end.










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