Jacques Mizzi registers 2nd best speed at the finish line

Saturday, June 15, 2013, 11:04

At a speed of 99.7 miles per hour, Jacques Mizzi recorded the second best speed at the finish line among 24 racing drivers in Round 7 at the Oulton Park Island circuit in the UK with his Coca Cola Zero Clio in the 2013 Renault UK Clio Cup Championship.

The best speed of 100.1 mph at the finish line was registered by James Nutbrown in a similar car. This clearly shows that although Jacques has not yet obtained the result he is looking for in this most competitive championship, the potential for further progress is certainly there.

In this round – Round 7 – Jacques registered the 13th best speed in sector 1 at a speed of 105.1 mph, and the 13th best speed in sector 2 at a speed of 91.4mph,respectively. In the 8 Round, Jacques could only manage the 12th best speed at the finish line at a speed of 98.4 mph, but he did marginally better in Sectors 1 and 2 recording the 12th and 11th best speeds at 105.3 mph and 91.4 mph, respectively.

5 places gained

In both rounds 7 and 8 at the Oulton Park Island circuit, Jacques succeeded to gain 5 positions by classifying in the 17th place after he started in 22nd place in both races.

During the qualifying session on Saturday, Jacques’ best lap was recorded in the 6th lap in 1 minute 37.279 seconds, placing him on the 11th row of the grid for the 7th round,and in the same position for the 8th round with his second best lap of 1 minute 37.683 seconds in the 4th lap.

Eventually, in the two races on Saturday and Sunday, Jacques was unable to repeat similar fast laps. Jacques’ fastest lap in Round 7 was 1 minute 38.149 seconds, recorded in the 11th lap out of 15 laps.

In Round 8 his fastest lap of 1 minute 38.169 seconds was recorded in lap 12, the last lap allowed after the red flag. If the 13th lap had been allowed, Jacques would have finished in the 16th position, even though he was given a 5 second penalty for straying out of the track limits.

Ironically, several drivers went out of the track in another section of the circuit sending a cloud of dust behind them, but these were not penalized! Jacques had the experience of racing part of the race with a safety car leading the drivers, and apparently – according to live timing data – a couple of drivers overtook Jacques when overtaking was not permissible. In the final result, these infringements might have been rectified.

Had Jacques not been penalized 5 seconds – which are a lot for a race of this nature – and had there been no safety car and a red flag, Jacques would have recorded his best result to date, but this has to wait for one of the next races. There is no doubt that Jacques is learning a lot and gaining experience. Perhaps, we shall see him participating in the EuroCup Clio Championship some time in the future when he starts racing the new Clio Turbo.

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