Jacques Mizzi (Coca Cola Zero Clio) registers best speed in Sector 2 at Croft circuit

Thursday, July 4, 2013, 9:19

Young Jacques Mizzi driving his Coca Cola Zero Clio at Croft circuit recorded his best result in 10 races in one of the most popular one-make supporting races of the British Touring Car Championship.

Jacques finished in a very good 14th place after started from 11th row of the starting grid in the 21st position. Gaining 7 positions in such a competitive race was not easy.

To finish in a good position, a racing driver first needs to reach the finishing line, and so far Jacques has succeeded to classify in every single race of the UK Renault Clio Cup. Not all the competing drivers can make such a claim. In Round 10, no less than 5 drivers failed to classify, whereas Jacques finished his 12-lap race ahead of former 3-time Clio Cup Champion Paul Rivett who classified 16th!

In addition to the final result, the speeds at which Jacques is racing in various sectors shows that he is gaining confidence and making progress.

In the 10th Round at Croft,Jacques registered the best speed in Sector 2 at 94.2 mph. He also recorded the 4th best speed at the Finish line at 90.4 mph, ahead of former Clio champion Paul Rivett who has been racing since 1990 in the UK and the USA.

Such a performance was not just the exception. Jacques has been recording very fast speeds in all the circuits. At Croft, in Round 9, Jacques had the 3rd best speed (92.5 mph) in Sector 2, the 6th best at the Finish line (91.4 mph) again ahead of Paul Rivett, and 7 th best in Sector 1 (104.6 mph).

It is evident that since Jacques is capable of reaching such speeds ahead of all the other drivers, what he needs is a better knowledge of the circuits and a little more consistency in each and every lap. This is easier said than done.

Racing from Malta in such a competitive British championship is no joke, and Jacques is giving a good account of himself. His British team Westbourne Motorsport appreciates Jacques’ efforts and the championship points he is contributing towards the Entrants’ Trophy.

In the 2013 Renault UK Clio Cup Drivers’ Championship, Jacques is in 20th position among 24 drivers with 37 points. For the Graduate Cup he is in 13th position among 14 drivers, with 95 points. 5 other drivers compete for the Masters Cup. Considering that this is the first year that Jacques is racing a car, and in a very competitive foreign championship, he may be satisfied that he is improving his racing skill and is learning with every race.

Jacques now has a short break before the moves to Snetterton circuit for Rounds 11 and 12 in August.




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