It’s a Game : our game , our association Peter Busuttil

Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 15:48

For me being part of football administration has always been something I enjoy. I enjoy it because it allows me to bring my profession to the world of football and not the other way round.

Football is a sports , is a community, is a brand : a brand that sells and Maltese football should be no different. We need to look beyond traditional marketing and take football on another level .

Our grounds and not just the National Stadium should be spaces where families and supporters can together become enthusiastic participants not only during the game , but before and after. I would like to see people come to the ground and come and come again .

My stints at school football , convinced many to advise me to confine my kicking talents or lack of them , to my backyard at home . Some broken window panes later , I resorted to waterpolo and then discovered television and theatre . So the sporting public was spared my antics in the field and in the water.

And it is exactly my lack of talent on the field that fired up my passion for football off the field : at least if I could not play , I could help others do so. We need to engage clubs and associations and all those who have football at heart and in their feet ; we need to open up. The Association is a space for all those who have genuine interest in what they can do for football and not …excuse the cliché …what football can do for them …..

There have been improvements off course , but achieving one goal ,does not necessarily win you a game . As in football it is a continuous cycle ……some games are won , some are lost , but its essential to persevere and work hard .

• I do not want to be Vice President for the sake of being VicePresident.

• I want to be influential in making the right decisions for our football, our clubs, our associations, our players , our technical and administrative staff , our supporters and our new fans which we desperately need .

• I want to promote football not only for the Association, but also for all the clubs and associations affiliated. We need to grow together.

• I want to pass the ball and not passively wait for it.

• I want to create opportunities for you and not for myself.

• I want to use my energy to energize our footballing structures.

• I will not make you promises except 3 : to be present , to be active and to be effective.

Football is a collective effort. There is no space for individual runs on the wing leading to nowhere. Together for the game, our game, our association.


  1. Peter Busuttil says:

    grazzi ..we will see ….i will work on what i write and say even if i am not elected


  2. Jeffrey Mifsud says:

    Good luck Peter. If those individuals who have the right to vote use their heads, they have to choose you. A breathe of fresh air. 


  3. paul ciantar says:

    Good Luck , wise words , that is what we need , You would have my vote if i could vote .


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