Island Karting club`s Express Logicgroup cup

Thursday, July 4, 2013, 8:19

Another action packed Sunday, with excellent competition and thrills for all spectators and drivers. The Island Karting Club held their third competitive event of the season that was proudly sponsored by the Express Logigroup, director Mr. Jonathan Vella.

The event started by official practice sessions and warm ups. Safety scrutinising and drivers briefing s where held just before pole position. Pole was a tense moment as all 7 drivers rolled out.

During the pole position the timing system kept rotating from driver to driver as they exchanged best laps. The 10 minute session ended and the IKC young gun Jamie Mangion struck his first pole position of his career.

Heat one was up and the Race Director gave the starting orders. As all karts completed the warm up lap the start signal was launched and the race was on. Jamie Mangion kept the lead with Cauchi close behind as other drivers exchanged places. After lap 3 Adrian Cauchi made his move to pass Mangion in the camel hump corners, Thus after two laps Mangion and Cauchi collided into turn one letting Clayton Laus and Joseph Mifsud to gain the front, thus Cauchi cathing quickly. An epic race was on the go as Laus, Mifsud and Cauchi all forced hard racing . With 7 laps remaining Mifsud and Laus collided as Cauchi eased on by and to take the race victory.

Heat 2 was the last race of the day.

As the race started a close pack of drivers exchange passes and manoeuvres Cauchi kept his lead but Joseph Mifsud and Jamie Mangion came charging. Just as the half way mark of the race came up both Mifsud and Mangion passed Cauchi to take first and second respectively. Third was enough to keep the top spot for Cauchi but excessive grip was a threat. Just as Laus was Closing in the race ended.

The overall results and award winners where,1st Adrian Cauchi 2nd Joseph Mifsud 3rd Clayton Laus. Fastest driver of the day Adrian Cauchi.

The Island Karting Club wishes to thank their event sponsor Express Logigroup,David Axisa photographer, Orazio Zahra ambulance services, Sports Experience Trophies,all participants, spectators and officials.

The Island Karting Club and Island Motorcycle Racing Club host their next event on the 21st July 2013.


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