Island karting club Malta -Full development permit PA6663/07 approved

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 22:55

After many years, long hours and hard work on Thursday morning the Island Karting Club (IKC) was called before the MEPA board in regards with full development permit PA6663/07.

The IKC had re-applied for a full development racetrack project in 2007, this had to be                re-applied since the previous permit was defected since works had not started in the previous 5 years.

Though on Thursday it was approved by MEPA board that a full development permit be issued to construct a permanent international specification karting circuit, club ancillary facilities, open air public grand stand. Toilets, bar-restaurant, meeting rooms, first aid facilities and all necessary sections for a national / international karting circuit.

The IKC committee would like to thank all esteemed members for their patience in the past and consistent support.

Island Karting Club President Adrian Cauchi especially would like to thank the club members and fellow committee officials for the nonstop efforts and works that all put in to accomplish this huge step.    

The IKC committee is very thankful to all those that helped in this long mission and is very grateful that MEPA has approved such a justified project as many Maltese and foreign enthusiasts shall benefit from such a professional facility when completed.

IKC also are grateful towards the Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs for assistance given


The next step is for the tendering process to start as per budget funds where approved in 2011 for 2012, thus these funds have been cut/deducted from €250,000.00 to €200,000.00 due to exceeding the expenses projected in the temporary facility that is to be created in the Malta Drag Racing Association facility.

These funds are still a step in starting this estimated project of € 1.1 million euros.

The IKC is now working hard to come to terms and agreement with the MMF and KMS                as this IKC facility shall also welcome and host for other clubs that are, Island Car Club,                               Malta Drifting Association, Malta Minimoto Amateur Club, Karting Club Malta and the                                         Malta Motorcycle Racing Club, thus various functions may also be held once completed.

The IKC thanks again all and shall continue to work hard for our aims and future goals.


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