Interview: Domenic Aquilina professional sports photographer and a friend of boxing

Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 9:13

As a photographer specializing in sports photography Mr. Domenic Aquilina tends to do his best to cover all aspects of the various sports disciplines. One of the sports disciplines which he  always wanted to explore was boxing as it is a relatively new sport to the Islands.

MJ: Tell me how it all started in boxing for you.

DA: I still remember putting up my first accreditation request to Paul Borg from EBF Malta. This was in July 2012 and from that event I just fell in love with boxing and the boxing community in general. Having most of my best captures featured in the local media with each event I kept following all the events which have taken place from then on wards.

MJ: How would you describe your experience in boxing?

DA: From that very first Semi Pro summer event in 2012 at  Ta’ Qali’s MFCC, I realized that I was in for a big challenge with myself to capture that decisive crucial moment every photographer is after in this type of sports. Shooting boxing is no joke indeed. Punches fly at an amazingly fast rate where anticipation sometimes cannot get anywhere! Somehow I have to go back home after each event very much feeling that I got what I wanted.

I am always challenging myself to get my best ever classic glove-meets-face-sweat-flying-distorted expression capture. These type of captures are always winners not only with the media but in general. The problem is that the timing lasts for less than a nanosecond. Just for the record a nanosecond is 0.000 000 001 of a second. Point in case is that a computer can do a calculation in 2.5 nanoseconds. Here anticipation and timing are both crucial to say the least and very essential. You can shoot 12 rounds of boxing and not get this frame back home with you. I make it a point I do!

As time went by I also had the pleasure to get to know the tireless hard working persons behind this challenging but very rewarding sport who I must say welcomed me in the most fraternal of manners to their community. So yes a word of mention for these persons who work so hard behind the scenes from the recently founded Malta Boxing Association and the event promoters themselves who put up such boxing events.

And of course the big protagonists themselves – the boxers! To say the least I immediately was impressed with the disciplined and tireless commitment of these athletes who work so hard day in day out to get where they want to! Normal people with big hearts for whom the sport of boxing is their whole life.


MJ: Thank You Domenic those comments. I know the people in oue community will appreciate. Lastly to close, what has been your best moments in this sport?

DA: I have had numerous eye-catching boxing captures – one of which depicting Maltese  boxing referee Marc James counting just above a boxer who had been knocked down to the floor which was one of my three submissions which won me the coveted IGM (Istitut Gurnalisti Maltin) Sports Photography Section and thus the Sports Photographer of the Year in Malta last May.


If I had to choose my best boxing capture I would choose the capture from the recent Prize Promotions Event between Mark Cutajar and Josef Hazzouri – a fight between two local boxers which went to the wire – and granted me the opportunity to land one of the best boxing captures to date (photo attached).


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