International Table Tennis Coach Pedro Marcos heading training camp in Malta

Monday, June 13, 2011, 18:00

On the 5th of July International coach Pedro Marcos will be arriving in Malta to conduct a six week training camp. Pedro Marcos has been head coach for European cup winners Caja Granada which includes the World’s number eight Vladimir Samsonov. Also coach for Swedish club Herrljunga and other top clubs in Spain.

Pedro Marcos Correa

Pedro Marcos Correa

Pedro has also been on the training ranks of top stars Austria’s Roberto Gardos, Oleksandr Didukh and he is possibly one of the best ever coaches to visit the Maltese Islands. This is a grand opportunity for all table tennis fanatics as the training runs over nine weeks so there is so much room for learning and providing assessments to the table tennis students.

This is one of the biggest chances for all table tennis students on the island to have hands on training under the expert eyes of an International coach without having to travel abroad to get the opportunity. This is also one of the biggest investments that the Table Tennis Academy Malta has ever done and has decided at board level to open the training to students outside the Academy. Training schedule is on seven days a week with both morning and evening sessions daily. There is also the opportunity for private tuition sessions. Incorporated in the program is also a fitness coach brought over from Spain Jesus Alvarez who will be taking care of coordination, plyometrics and velocity training.

Registrations are open and further details are available on the Academy web site, and is on a first come first served basis.

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