International debut for three young Paola Badminton Club players

Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 12:39

Following months of intensive training, three young badminton players, all members of Paola Badminton Club will be facing tough challenges at the first Zagreb International Youth Badminton Tournament. Matthew Abela, Mark Abela and Sam Cassar were given this opportunity by their club which is intensifying its efforts to offer more opportunities to its players, especially those young at age. The tournament, which will be held between the 7th and 8th September in Zagreb, Croatia, will also be the international debut for the three young players.

The tournament managed to attract some of the most promising young players at international level, and is expected to be followed by several enthusiasts from the participating countries.

“During these last years, the popularity of the game grew quite at a rapid pace. Paola Badminton Club has several promising players, and provides training for all ages and all levels. Providing such experiences is vital for the growth of the game. It is important that, at a young age, a player experiences different methods of play, and this is what we aim to provide through this international experience” said Franz Vella, President of the Paola Badminton Club.

The players will play in all three categories, Singles, Boys Doubles & Mixed doubles. Matthew Abela will play in the U15 category, whilst Mark Abela and Sam Cassar will play U13 and U15.

Players playing the singles event will be split in groups and games will be played on a league basis; then top placed players will play a KO to determine the winner. Doubles events will be played on a KO basis.

This means that the players will have their good share of games to play,spread over two intensive days.

The club thanks the coaches; Patrick Cassar, Edmond Abela, Kenneth Vella and Henrik Thomsen for their hard work and dedication towards the young players and the club.

Paola Badminton Club wishes the players the best of luck.

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