International appointments for local volleyball referees

Sunday, January 22, 2017, 13:56

Gavin Muscat

Both Frankie Tanti and Nello Calleja, the two International volleyball Referees, will be engaged in a number of matches during these first months of the year, directing matches from the CEV’s CEV and Challenge Cups.

Tanti’s first match was in Arago de Sete, close to Montpellier in the south of France, for a match from the Men’s CEV Volleyball Cup between the local side and Austrian side SK Aich/Dob.  During this match, the French side managed to turn around the fixture in their favour winning the second leg 3-0, after losing 3-1 in Austria, and then winning the golden set to proceed to the next round.

Frankie Tanti will be refereeing another match, early in February, from the Men’s Challenge Cup.  This match will be the second leg of the fixture between Galatasaray HDI Istanbul and Fonte Bastardo Azores from the 8th finals of this cup.  In the first match played in the Portuguese island, the Turks emerged victorious 3-0.

On the other hand, Nello Calleja will be involved in two matches played in the Swiss city of Neuchâtel.  In the first match, the local side Viteos Neuchâtel Universite emerged victorious in straightforward sets against Belgian side VC Oudegem, with the former proceeding to the next round of the Women’s Challenge Cup thanks also to the 3-0 win in Belgium in the first leg.

Viteos NUC will now face Cypriots AEL Limassol in the 8th finals of the same competition, with the latter managing to overcome the stiff resistance offered by Slovaks 1. BVK Bratislava in the previous round.  Nello Calleja will be accompanied by Vitaliy Parshyn from the Ukraine for this match.

Frankie Tanti

NUC vs Oudegem

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