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Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 10:46

Stephen Azzopardi interviewed Martin Farrugia, Personal Trainer

How much is it important that we remain fit?

It’s a very healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to students going through their stressful academic year.  Being fit gives relaxation and helps in focusing more. When it comes to the general public it is also helps for a healthy lifestyle and fitness. It also improves the building up of characters.

In your opinion, do we have enough awareness in Malta about fitness?

The problem is not the awareness, as the government already urges us to do so.  It is the general public that has to absorb and use such facilities for his/her wellbeing.  These days there are many health clubs, gyms, spas etc. but still we have a very big society problem when it comes to obesity.  Recently we had the bad news that we came second country in world’s obesity.  It is not the information that the office will issue but it’s the general public that has to make use of it.  We Maltese say that we are lazy but not when it comes to work. When it comes to exercise we give it a side and say that’s just a waste of time and we can stay without.  Yes we can say this when we are healthy.  Sometimes we say this when we come to medical reasons but it can be too late.  Everyone speaks about stress and weight loss. A high percentage of the general public intend to exercise because they are forced to do so.

What does being fit really mean?

Bodybuilders have the need to be fit in their way, runners have the same need, also swimmers or any other disciplines.  Being fit is wide spread.  It’s an asset that you jump into such a lifestyle especially at a young age.  If there’s a law I would vote yes for everybody to exercise.  You would have a future generation of less medical attention and the same old generation who is quite indipendent. The fitter you are the stronger you be.  It is the most important investment one can ever do.

Who are those who come to the gym?

There are various types of people that exercise or join in any club on their special needs. Who runs a business in summer tends to exercise more in the other seasons. Those who are involved in Christmas time, find it as an excuse not to exercise in that time.  Gyms are more quiet in summer but are still used in summer.  In the beginning of the year some do less exercise and some do more.  Some do it for leisure, some do it because they like the urge of being fit, some unfortunately do it for medical reasons and some for social aspects. Others are recovering from injuries. Having said so, still we have the obesity problem running side by side.  It is not how you preach this thing but how you lead the general public to take it in consideration.

Something about yourself and future interesting plans.

Always looking for what’s beyond the horizon.  This does not apply only for fitness.

I have started such a lifestyle since young. I started learning dancing and soon changed to waterpolo and then jumped to judo. Afterwards I joined the AFM as a helicopter rescue personel SAR.  From there I folded a page after another and worked in various hotels, spas and gyms. I got a certificate in personal training from Premier Training International.  Things started to improve in doing various types of fitness activities.  When the time came to think about opening my own business, in this case a fitness club, I did so with the hope of acquiring what I always dreamed of.  I opened my fitness club 8 years ago and hopefully will be expanded in the near future.  One of my plans is to break my own national record from 36 hours to 50 hours of indoor cycling.

We thank Martin Farrugia for his gentle availability.  After you read this article, switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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