Injury and referee’s mistakes influence result

Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 16:57


 Stompers started with a high wind at their backs and therefore dominated the first half territorially. However Overseas were mounting good and slick handling attacks which stretched the Stompers defence many times, although the hard tackling defence always broke down the attacks.

Overseas Captain, Howland left the pitch after the first few minutes with a bad cut from a collision, and this played a big part in the result.

Stompers opened the score with a converted try after Duffy muffed a clearance kick to give away possession, and Attard added a further three points with a penalty. Several slick handling moves by the Stompers backs were threatening but the Overseas defence held fast until a superb long lob by |Attard put Debattista in for a try which he wasted by dropping the ball at touch down. The half was ended by a straight burst from Mirabelli who then combined in a series of passing interchanges with Von Brockdorf  for a good try to extend the lead to 17 – 0.

The second half scoring was opened when the referee made a ludicrous, elementary mistake to allow a Stompers player to snap up a ball from an offside position and Attard was put in for an easy try. This decision completely demoralised the Overseas and from then on the backs just lost all desire to defend properly allowing the Stompers runners to cut through again and again. As they turned on their quick thinking fast running game, Attard, Debattista, Tonna and others all enjoyed many penetrating bursts as they extended the lead steadily up to 46 points. At the very end of the match, Kemper hit back with a deserved try for Overseas, worked for by the forwards, who deserved better from their backs.

Rugby is often a psychological game and  Overseas were badly affected by such a poor referees  decision.

After the match, Dave Goodwin, the Overseas acting skipper and hooker said that it was a disappointing result but their defensive patterns had  disintegrated  in the second half as Stompers gained confidence.

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