Initiates the National Drag Racing Championship

Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 14:39

Despite the bad weather conditions, the Malta Drag Racing Association went ahead with the First Round of the National Drag Racing Championship. The attendance was very good for both participants and spectators. Several new drivers and new cars were tested for the first time at the Hal Far Raceway.

Bracket 14 and 14.49 seconds won by Nicolai Grech, bracket 13 and 13.49 seconds won Cremona Laura, Albert Camilleri won the bracket 12 and 12.49 seconds. Bracket 11.50 and 11.99 won by Gatt Joston, while English Driver Joe Ashton won the bracket 11 and 11.49 seconds. Christian Azzopardi won the bracket 10.50 and 10.99 seconds while Karl Mifsud, Noel Debattista won the bracket between 10 and 10.49 and 9.50 seconds and 9.99 seconds. The bracket with less time between 9 and 9:49 was won by Paul Pace.

The three Handicap classes were won by, Dunstan Mangion, Joe Ashton and Christian Azzopardi. Open Class3 was won by Nathan Bartolo, Front Wheel Drive Open Class was won by Keith Pace while Clint Catania won the Extreme Class 2 Adrian Muscat won the Class CA6 and Ruben Pirotta won SM4 class. Both the D4 and D5 dragster classes were won by Tyson Debono, special class for children known as Junior dragster won by Luca Mangion. Frankie Ellul won the two Escort Classes, Escort Class 2 and Escort Class 3. Adrian Muscat won the Open Class 6 and Lorry Mifsud won the SS4 class.

Motorcycle Classes were won this way, Chris Vella wins the bracket of between 8.50 and 8.99 seconds, Franklyn Borg wins two classes, the class bracket between 7 and 7.49 seconds and SS1 class. Said Leslie won the class index 8.5, Luke Farrugia wins class SS2A while the Greek Driver Savvas Tilsizoglu win the open class.

Duncan Micallef made a number of runs with his Top Fuel dragsters. Miguel Montebello also had a remarkable result and won the Outlaw class front-wheel drive at 8.41 seconds by a Honda Type R. Montebello is now the quickest driver in Europe with a front-wheel drive car. Mr Lars Petterson, the President of the Drag Racing Commission within the FIA was in Malta for this event. The event was broadcasted live on Facebook and was followed by about 200,000 online spectators. The 2nd Round of the National Drag Racing Championship is scheduled between the 1st and 3rd of June, once again at the Malta Drag Racing Association Track at Hal Far.

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