In pictures: Sliema win in fourth quarter blitz

Thursday, July 1, 2010, 23:58

Sliema Mc Donalds showed their teeth when it mattered, to beat San Giljan Firetech 14-10 in today’s BOV national water polo league fixture, with half their goals coming in the 4th session.

Sliema immediately set the tone to the game, scoring 2 goals in quick succession through John Soler and Paul Privitera after only one and a half minutes and this piled the pressure on the Saints, especially after the latters’ surprise loss to Exiles last weekend. But San Giljan kept their composure and Karl Galea and Edward Aquilina levelled the score. Rath put Sliema ahead once again to end the first session 3-2 in Sliema’s favour.

Rath started the second session just as he had ended it, with a powerful strike that beat Camilleri and Kunac opened up a three point lead for Sliema a short while later. San Giljan got one back, but it was the unstoppable Rath who hit his third goal home to make it 6-3 in Sliema’s favour. Nossec who was having a below par performance, especially with his finishing, finally got on the scoresheet and a short while later, Sliema’s John Brownrigg missed a sitter. San Giljan were now on a roll but Nossec failed to capitulate on the easy opportunity in front of goal and also squandered a man-up situation with 18 seconds to go, thus ending the second session 6-4 for Sliema.

San Giljan played their best water polo in the third session and with Sliema having Meli, Privitera and Rath on two fouls they could have capitalised further on their opportunities. A long range shot by Paul Fava brought San Giljan within one pint of their opponents but Privitera was quick to restore Sliema’s 2-point advantage. Aquilina scores his second for the game to make it 7-6 and after hitting the post, San Giljan levelled the match at 7-7 through Toth bringing the third session to a close.

The fourth quarter started off with a Kunac goal but a slick Galea lob for San Giljan levelled the score once again, 8-8. Soler made it 9-8 for Sliema from a man-up situation and from then on they never looked back, although San Giljan were unfortunate not to draw the game through a fine Aquilina lob that hit the post. Rath made it 10-8 from a penalty and followed it up with a thundering shot to steer Sliema 3 goals clear of their adversaries. San Giljan’s Gialanze fired a spectacular goal past Coleiro, but Gabaretta made it 12-9 for Sliema. Nossec got one back from a penalty, but two more Sliema goals including a beautiful back shot by Soler sealed the duel to keep Sliema on top of the league standings.

San Giljan, particularly assistant coach Pierre Borg, were furious towards the end of the match, especially after referee Ancilleri failed to caution Sliema’s Privitera for a third foul which according to them he has committed.

Sliema McDonalds 14 – San Giljan Firetech 10
(3-2), (3-2), (1-3), (7-3)

Sliema McDonalds: Coleiro R, Gabaretta J (2), Lubrano N, Privitera P (1), Meli M (1), Soler J (3), Paolella D, Brownrigg J, Debono C, Kunac A (2), Rizzo M, Rath B (5), Bianchi A

San Giljan Firetech: Camilleri D, Spiteri Debarro C (1), Pace M, Galea K, Gialanze C (1), Dowling K, Nossec H (3), Bianchi A, Aquilina E (2), Scerri R, Fava P (1), Toth M (2), Schembri K

In another game played today, Exiles Jet Services who were coming from their splendid victory against San Gilja, beat Marsascala Solid Base 14-9 in a game that was balanced during the first two sessions. But with Exiles’ goalie Borg Cole in fine form they pulled away from their opponents in the last two sessions to keep theit chances alive of playing in the First Division in a few weeks’ time

Exiles Jet Services 14 Marsascala Solid Base 9
(3-3), (3-2), (4-2), (4-2)

Exiles Jet Services: Borg Cole A, Rizzo Naudi J (1), Vassallo S (1), Bonca C F (2), Sullivan T (2), Calleja M (1), Paris J (4), Grixti K, Zarb Cousin A, Cousin A (2), Fenech J, Cini S, Lanzon K (1)

Marsascala Solid Base: Sciortino R, Cutajar JC, Botond S (3), Koralji M (3), Borg Spiteri M, Grixti L, Licari J (2), Cremona J (1), Micallef S, Agius T, Attard R, Pace G, Bonnici J


  1. il-gemel says:

    Zewg misteri tal-gimgha li ghaddiet!
    1) Il-penalty kontra San Giljan ivvintat favur Sliema
    2) It-tieni tkeccija ta’ Vujasinovic tan-Neptunes kontra Sirens.


  2. carol says:

    nice pictures guys..


  3. waterpolo says:

    san giljan went in match because they are good,that penalty was very funny, a player take the ball and give him penalty agianst him,hin minhom player ta sliema fuq bank tkelhem hazin u ma marx ikellmu ta,dejjem stesss torja kontra sliema hehehe


  4. H2OPOLO says:

    I was on the st julians bench yesterday and as usuall this article got it all wrong when saying that Pierre borg was furious with the referee because of a foul…. The reason for Pierre Borg and the other players furious reaction with referee Ancilleri was that this referee told the players of St Julians to look at the score board when the score was 13-10 in favour of Sliema……..
    Is this something a referee should say to a loosing team…… Ancilleri should appologise to all St Julians people in public….. ASA please take note of these comments ax tal-misthija…..


  5. F. Mallia says:

    If you read my comment properly I stated that the referees made blatant mistakes that could have turned the game around in San Giljan’s favour.
    How do you explain the fact that Sliema scored all their man-ups and San Giljan missed so many of them? And what about Nossec’s shooting yesterday? Sliema deserved to win in my opinion.
    Regarding the referee it’s a shame …he shouldn’t have spoken to the players and neither to pierre borg. If anything, he suspends him but NEVER talk in that way.


    waterpolo Reply:

    biex nirrispondik fuq nossek bierah naqha inwegga ma setax jixutja sew qabel tparla kun ghaf affarjijt sew ta



    ahjar taraw kif se timlew il hofra li hallilkom Zammit ghax dis-sena zgur m’ghandkomx chance minghajr player xellugi.

    u naqbel mal kummenti illi ir referees m’ghandhomx ikellmu lil players u lil coaches. Iridu izommu kalmi, ma jaghtux kaz il kummenti, u jekk iridu jaghmlu xi haga jaghtu warning jew juzaw il cards.


    waterpolo Reply:

    ahhar loghba kelna cans kbir kieku ma giex dak penalty ivintant ta,


    Ghandek punt waterpolo
    imma ma tistax taqla nofs il goals ta partita fl-ahhar session u twahhal fir-referee. irridu inkunu oggettivi.
    jIEN Bhala supported tas-sliema ma nahsibx illi is sliema kienu powerful hafna, imma ghamlu il man-ups u kellna lil Rath f’forma stupenda….altrimenti ma konna naghmlu xejn. Ghax players bhal Meli u Brownrigg ma impressjonawx

  6. waterpolo says:

    mallia nahseb rajt loghba ohra ghax penalty ta 10-8 ma kien qatt,isbah wahda meta peirre borg kelu xi jadt ma ref ,ref taf qal ahjar thares lejn score board ta


  7. F. Mallia says:

    Prosit Sliema but the referees made some blatant mistakes which could have turned the game in San Giljan’s favour. To be fair San Giljan missed too many chances … especially their foreigner, with all those man ups and losing possession in attack. I doubt San Giljan can truly challenge for the league, especially without Zammit, but time will tell.


    steve Reply:

    jien ma naqbilx loghba referee dawarha favur sliema meta fl-ahhar session meta referee tahom penalty lis-sliema ma kienx u kecca player min taghna.pero ahna soddisfatti kif laghbna jien cert li nirrangaw xi affarijit ta waqt loghob nitilaw fejn iridu naslu


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