In Pictures: Neptunes v San Giljan

Monday, August 30, 2010, 17:56

On Saturday evening Neptunes Emirates managed a tight victory over Balluta rivals San Giljan Firetech in a highly charged encounter.

San Giljan played their best game by far this season, looking in great shape and not giving the Neptunes attackers any space. Neptunes on the other hand were not as clinical as usual with some of their passes into the centre going astray, although credit must also go to the San Giljan defenders for foiling their attempts at goal. Neptunes were also aware that in their previous encounters they had trounced San Giljan 15-7 and 17-8 so this might have conditioned their approach to this game.

The pressure was primarily on Neptunes to bring the two points home which they needed to keep them clear a the top of the First Division league table before their final clash against Sliema on Saturday. In fact, San Giljan stunned their opponents with two goals in the beginning of the first session only to see Neptunes claw their way back to end the first session 2-2.

Tamas Molnar and Steve Camilleri kept Neptunes close to San Giljan in the second session, while a Christian Gialanze rocket and Edward Aquilina’s lob gave the Giljanizi much to cheer about as both teams changed sides with the score reading 6-6.

The third session was equally as nalibiting, with Neptunes trying to build an advantage only to see San Giljan matching their pace, particularly through Hungarian stalwarth Marton Toth who netted 5 personal goals. Neptunes also converted two penalties through Steve Camilleri to end the third session with a 6-6 scoreline and overall score of 12-12.

The San Giljan fort was finally pierced in the final session when ex-Neptunes Karl Galea was excluded with substitution. A pass by captain Lanzon to a lonely Stellini in a prime shooting position on the right gave Neptunes the advantage. A cool-headed Stellini added his second goal of the day, when a fast break together with Steve Camilleri presented him with an opportunity to tuck the ball behind reserve goalkeeper Keith Schembri with only Toth available in the San Giljan defence. Molnar put the game out of reach on the break to give Neptunes a three point advantage before all hell broke loose at Tal-Qroqq.

Neptunes Emirates 16 – San Giljan Firetech 13
(2-2), (4-4), (6-6), (4-1)

Neptunes Emirates: Gouder N, Lanzon N, Lanzon B, Stellini M (2), Camilleri D, Vujasinovic V (2), Camilleri S (6), Camilleri J (1), Buhagiar B, Gravina S, Molnar T (5), Pisani M

San Giljan Firetech: Camilleri D, Spiteri Debarro C, Pace M, Galea K (1), Gialanze C (1), Dowling K, Nossec H (2), Bianchi A (1), Aquilina E (1), Scerri R, Fava P (2), Toth M (5), Schembri K

Referees: Sciriha Ivan, Busacca Francesco

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