Divorce on the high seas

Thursday, March 18, 2010, 13:00

The relationship between Maltese Powerboat Champion Aaron Ciantar and P1 entrepreneur and co pilot / throttle man Angelo Tedeschi is to have a twist in the coming days. Sources to the Ciantar family confirmed that both Aaron and his father Charles, the latter acting always as Team Manager with the teams Aaron competed for, have already verbally informed Tedeschi that Aaron will not be driving with the Italian in the 2010 P1 Championship in neither the Seagull Chaudron nor the IKO Casa Chaudron.

Ciantar and Tedeschi have won two consecutive P1 Championships in the Super Sport Category with two different Chaudron powerboats build specifically for Tedeschi in the Fgura workshop – Conam Yachts and the . The imminent divorce between the Maltese Champion and Tedeschi came to light after Victor Shemshuk an entrepreneur from Ukraine commissioned Chaudron Powerboats to construct a new Powerboat for the 2010 Championship but with a difference – he specifically asked for an Evolution Powerboat to be able to compete in the superior category of P1.

Sportinmalta.com can reveal that during the negotiations between Shemshuk and the Ciantar family the issue of Tedeschi was raised due to the fact that the business man from Ukraine felt that he was not given the proper merit after last season’s Championship win. In fact Shemshuk was the third co-pilot inside the Seagull Chaudron but used to be seated at the back of two protagonists with no or little responsibility at all.

After two consecutive titles as World Champion in the Super Sport category now Aaron Ciantar goes into another personal challenge with a debut in the Evolution Category with Victor Shemshuk as the only throttle man.


  1. mark Scicluna says:

    joshua I think this year d ciantar family will have a seasonal flop . Aaron will no do well in the evolution too big for his shoes. Mark


  2. Joshua Cacciattolo says:

    Surely Ciantar family will make us pround agian in a diffrent category. looking foward to see the event in Malta


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