IFBB Professional Dan Hill Training Camp & Seminar in Gozo

Friday, May 14, 2010, 8:15

BIG Dan Hill, the upcoming IFBB Pro bodybuilder and acclaimed protégé of Milos Sarcev, probably the top bodybuilding and fitness coach in the world, will be hosting a training seminar right here at The BodyForge – Gozo’s Biggest Gym on Saturday 15th May at 10am. This will be the BEST and MOST INFORMATIVE training, nutrition and fitness seminar ever held in the Maltese Islands!!

The BodyForge has the following important announcements to make regarding this seminar.

1. The BodyForge has decided to offer a great gift to all those interested in attending the seminar. In fact, The BodyForge is now sponsoring the first 20 tickets by offering a massive 55% DISCOUNT to the FIRST 20 PEOPLE TO APPLY for this seminar. Instead of the original price of 99eur, we will be GIVING AWAY these tickets for ONLY 45eur!!! That’s right – the same great training camp and seminar for this amazing price – if you act fast!

2. Please note that we can ONLY take 30 PARTICIPANTS to this seminar! This allows us to keep the Koloseum Kamp exclusive in nature and guarantee the high quality you’d expect from a seminar of this caliber.

IFBB Pro Big Dan Hill is psyched up and ready to give all you guys and gals the workout of a lifetime and as much knowledge as you can take in from the seminar! He assures us that each and every participant will be able to take his bodybuilding and fitness progress to the next level from the information they will learn at the Koloseum Camp!

“I am very excited about coming there. I truly believe that what we will do will make a serious difference to the bodybuilding quality of all the participants. We will go through actual giant set training in the Milos Sarcev style so that people can appreciate the techniques and methods they can use to generate maximum muscle growth in the shortest amount of time. I can personally attest that these methods are phenomenal for packing on muscle at the fastest possible rate. We will attack the body from all angles hitting each bodypart like it has never been hit before. This obviously involves some serious work but after all, serious work is the only thing that works anyway. We will also be holding a highly informative seminar where anyone can ask questions which I am sure will help clear up a lot of misconceptions and misinformed ideas that surround training and eating correctly. The Koloseum Camp is all about maximum muscle growth and maximum fat burning at maximum speed” Dan Hill said.

The BodyForge is really looking forward to having Dan Hill here. We encourage everyone who’s into fitness to attend and have a great day down in the trenches with one of the most knowledgeable and hottest upcoming stars in the sport of fitness and bodybuilding.

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