IFBB-MALTA launch new revamped website www.ifbb-malta.com

Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 13:00

Bodybuilding is becoming a very popular sport in Malta and with the IFBB-MALTA National Championships on April 23rd 2011 and the IFBB Mediterranean Championships being held in Malta between the 28th and 30th October 2011, the IFBB-MALTA committee decided that it would be a great time to revamp an already popular website.

IFBB-MALTA’s website  www.ifbb-malta.com been online since 2006. And it has been a very popular site for local and foreign bodybuilding enthusiasts. 

The site caters to all the local and international competitions being held by the IFBB. 

News from the amateur bodybuilding scene will be updated regularly. News on the IFBB Professional league will not be left out either as this year is going to be a fantastic year on the professional scene. 

Major changes to the website are a new revamped photo gallery, easier access for updating news and announcements for members and a more clean design for easier reading. 

A grab from the IFBB Malta new revamped website

A grab from the IFBB Malta new revamped website

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  1. I am a 77 male ,I live in Australia but I would like to recieve news from Malta about bodybuilding news.
    Grazzi Michael


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