IDPA Tactical Shotgun Competition

Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 9:00

The MSSF Rifle and Pistol Club this weekend organized an IDPA Tactical Shooting Competition at the Bidnija ranges.
This competition was supervised by the range conducting officer Patrick Azzoppardi and sporsored by Bornaghi Ammunition of Tal-Magru Gun Club.

In the Semi Automaatic Event, Charles Stellini managed the tactical targets in 60.18 seconds to place first overall. Marvic Peregin placed second in 75.39 seconds while Mario Farrugia managed his targets in 75.75 seconds.

The second event was The Pump Action Event where Mark Cassar managed all his targets in 65.23 seconds. Charles Stellini placed second in 65.35 and Patrick Azzoppardi placed third in 88.88 seconds.

Stephen Vella wins Sothern Shooters Club Trap Trophy

The below are the results of the Trap competition that was organized at The Southern Shooting Club:
Stephen Vella was the overall winner with 45+20=65
Jason J.Aquilina placed second with 44+20=64
Nicky Carabott placed third with 45+18=63
Stanley Cardona placed fourth with 44+16=60
Charles Demanuele placed fifth with 44+15=59
Brian Galea placed sixth with 45+14=59

Class A 1st Nicky Carabott 45/50. 2nd Stephen Vella 45/50. 3rd Brian galea 45/50
Class B 1st Charles Demanuele 44/50. 2nd Frank Scorfna 42/50. 3rd Mario Zammit 41/50.
Class C 1st Chris Said 40/50. 2nd Emmanuel Attard 39/50. 3rd Joe Zammit 39/50.

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