I have never experienced such a thing – Privitera

Sunday, July 3, 2011, 6:38

The following were the aftermatch comments by some of the protagonists following the Poland vs Malta waterpolo match that was played on Friday. For a full match report please click here.

Paul Privitera

Paul Privitera in jubilation following the victory against Turkey

Paul Privitera in jubilation following the victory against Turkey

“Over the past twenty years that I have represented Malta I have experienced many stories and circumstances but today’s was a special  account. We played against all obstacles I am sorry to say that refereeing was favouring the home team. Some of us complained due to difficulty with  respiration and that made even things worse for us. There is a some little disappointment after the game because we were aware that we could have also won this game but all in all, a draw is a good result”

When asked about his imminent official retirement, Privitera replied “I always said that I wish that there are more young players in the Malta team. I still accept to form part of this group and always come for such international games with commitment. If the coaches want me in the team I am ready to keep on giving my service because it is always a big honour to play for the National team, but I stress that we need younger players to step forward and be ready to for the international call ups”.

Stevie Camilleri

“I am satisfied with what we managed to get out of this game but not very happy as all the players including myself wanted to win this game. We struggled hard to get a rhythm in the first sessions which unfortunately we did not manage and thus resulting in many missed goal scoring opportunities. We are used to play in open pools so the indoor issue was a crucial and favoured the other side. We had the opportunity to win the game but, we did not take advantage of some chances that we did not take to the full in front of their keeper.”

Asked to comment about the forthcoming second round qualifiers, Camilleri replied “We shall be playing against much better teams than Poland and Turkey so we have to be careful not to be under motivated, we will do our best. This year the Malta National League will end in mid-September so I think the majority of us will be physically fine”

When asked if he will be available for selection in October the Bogliasco player said “The League in Italy will also have some tight fixtures but I am sure the two federations will speak together and try to arrange something, so I hope to be there in October with my colleagues”.

Sergio Afric

“We worked really hard in the defense, I just felt emotional after the game and just went inside the dressing room to thank all the players. They made me proud today. It was not easy to play this very though game. The Maltese players were all tired in the latter part of the match due to the indoor issue, their heart and their passion was helping them to continue swim up and down every time the referees were changing their decisions. The players are happy as they know they managed a good performance but not jubilant as they know they played against seven players and also against the referees who were helping the Poles constantly.

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