“I definitely would consider wearing the Maltese shirt” – Sam Magri

Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 8:02

by Gordon Attard (maltesefootballstarlets.com)

Full Name – Samuel John Magri
Date of Birth – 30/03/1994
Playing Position – Centre Back
Club – Portsmouth F.C
National Team Levels – England U16
Favourite Playing Number – 5
Personal Achievements – Runner Up Young Sportsman of the Year
Your Favourite club – Portsmouth

Sam Magri playing for England

Sam Magri playing for England

1. Sam, you were born in the U.K. How long have you been playing football & what is your story regarding your Maltese surname?
Yes, I was born in the U.K and since I was 7 years old I started playing football. My grandfather is Maltese; that is where my surname is coming from and that makes my dad half Maltese and me a quarter.

2. You have recently played for England U16 after a good season with your club Portsmouth F.C Academy. How was the team spirit, physical and mental preparation prior to debut with the English shirt?
Yes, it was a good season, team spirit was excellent, physical shape was good. A good diet plan and hard training were instrumental. I’m strong headed when it comes to football and always mentally prepared.

3. What is it like for a young promising player like you, wearing the England shirt and with a great possibility to become a professional footballer?
Very exciting and I take it with great pride playing for England, but you cannot get ahead of yourself. I’ll take it as it comes.

4. What are your goals to achieve with your club, internationally & individually?
My goals are to play for the first team, internationally try and stay in the England set-up, and for me just to progress as a better athlete and a football player.

5. What is your motivation that helps you give your 200% in every match you play?
My family especially my dad are my main motivation. Making it in football is my dream because I love the sport and I want to make my family proud of what I achieved with their help.

6. If you get an offer from another club right now, what would you do?
I’ve had some offers already but I want to stay for Portsmouth. I love the club and it’s my dream to play for them. So I would reject other club offers nicely as I did.

7. We said earlier that you are playing with the Academy of Portsmouth F.C. What is it like to play for such a known club? Is it just extra responsibility or extra pressure to play in a team like Portsmouth?
I love playing for them. It is where I always played. I just try not to think about it too much. I’ll just give it my all: all I can do to progress in my growth in the game.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time from now on in your football career?
I hope to be playing for Portsmouth’s 1st team and an age group of England.

9. What are you willing to sacrifice to pursue a professional career in football?
At this age (16) I don’t want to sacrifice my family. I’m still a kid and don’t want to, but in the future I would do it and do anything to get my dream.

10. Who was the best player you played against and who is the best player you played/trained with?
Best player I played against is Benik Afobe. He plays for Arsenal year above me and he also plays for England. All the players I train with are very good otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

11. You have been raised and grown in England. What are your thoughts about the Academy development, coaches and club?
My club Portsmouth is in a little bit of money troubles at the moment but they are trying to progress young kids like myself for the 1st team. All coaches at my club are aiming for the same goal.

12. Who inspires you in football?
100% my dad as he helps me with everything I do and I am so grateful for this.

13. In the future, are you willing to wear the Maltese red shirt as you are a Maltese descendant?
As I live in England and have already played for them, I will try and play for them but if it doesn’t work out I definitely would consider wearing the Maltese shirt.

14. What do you say to young Maltese football players who want to follow your steps so we can see more young talented players making the grade for our nation and themselves?
Give it your all, be dedicated and try to make the right decisions for your best outcome. It’s a long process with great rewards. Give it everything!!

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  1. Joe Borg says:

    Sam Magri Just joined QPR  http://soccernet.espn.go.com/player/_/id/159445/samuel-magri?cc=5739 today 31.08.2012


  2. Riefnu says:

    naqbel perfettament ma steve, li kien ghal xeba gurnalist naqbdu kull malti jew ippastardjat malti li jezisti BARRA MIN MALTA, innehhu lil maltin kolla mit team nazzjonali taghna u nilghabu bihom biss, ghax il mentalita kolonjali ta zmien zemzem ghada iddur f demmna, min jitlaq min Malta ikun ahjar mill maltin, metalita tat tigieg skuzawni!!!


  3. Steve says:

    Great talent but I hate the:

    “i will try and play for them (England) BUT if it doesn’t work out I definitely would consider wearing the Maltese shirt”

    Malta should not be considered as a 2nd option for them but top priority,if not we will never achieve good results no matter how good this kid will be. Same happens in all other sports in Malta (with the possibilities of excluding Rugby sine it is still a growing sport in Malta)


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