Huge attendance during Cottonera’s United first players meeting

Thursday, August 11, 2011, 18:51

Thursday, 4th August 2011, COTTONERA UNITED held its first meeting with its players.  This meeting was addressed by Cottonera United’s committee and their newly appointed coaches.  A large number of players attended for this meeting, motivated and enthusiastic to start playing for COTTONERA UNITED in this coming season.

COTTONERA UNITED’s President, Stephen Spiteri, explained in detail all the strenuous work that his committee and himself are enduring and cumbersome difficulties they’re having to face.  He explained how tough it is for this nursery to find coaches willing to train these youths.  Cottonera United did its utmost to publicize its call for application, through local sport websites and newspapers.  Yet, for various and at times baffling reasons, when contacted, these coaches refused.

The coaching staff, wasn’t the only hitch.  Unfortunately, even the hiring of a full-size ground, where these players could train wasn’t easy.  Yet, Spiteri claimed, that even though they had to face all these problems and still are, they won’t give up on these youths, since all the committee believes in their talent and passion for football which, thanks to these youths will be revamped in the Cottonera region.

Cottonera United’s President, emphasised on the importance of discipline during the training sessions and competitive games.  “No player, even the finest one, has his role guaranteed.  Guarantee can only be given to those players who consistently and diligently attend the training sessions and show that they truly want to be Cottonera United players” claimed Spiteri.

During the meeting, Mr.Charles Attard, coach of the Under 17 team and Mr.Anton Grech, coach of the Under 15 team, explained the organisational procedures of their training sessions and how these will lead them to choose who will form part of the A Team and B Team of Cottonera United.

During this meeting, the new official gear of Cottonera United was presented.  The atmosphere of enthusiasm and eager anticipation by Cottonera United’s committee and players, all sets to indicate that Cottonera United will make a remarkable entrance in the local football scene.

Cottonera United is recruiting Assistant coaches for its teams.  All those interested and have a Licence C or better, can apply on or contact Stephen Spiteri on 79373836.

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