How We View Motocross is Changing

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 22:32

Gavin Muscat

Motor sports are always exciting to watch, especially for long-term fans and for the amateur sports person who knows it first hand. This is true of motocross too. No matter how dedicated you are to the sport, sometimes you just want to feel like you can get closer to the action. You want to see the dirt fly, hear the engines rev, and the little movements riders make to gain an advantage.

You also want to see the moments traditional hand held or mounted cameras cannot reach or where helicopter cameras are too far away to capture. With recent advances in modern technology, many experts believe that you can start doing just that. Drones are slowly becoming more and more popular among users, pervading just about every facet of life, ranging from the recreational to the professional. This is because they give you a more intimate view of what is happening including close overhead sweeping shots of competitors and the course.

Drones are already being used in the agricultural, security and recreational sectors, so it only makes sense that the high mobility and visibility provided by drones will find a way to make extreme sports even more enjoyable.

Newscasters have the opportunity to make more powerful announcements that would accompany the drones as they zoom in and out of the action. These drones could provide exciting vantage shots at every turn, changing their angle at a moment’s notice and providing audiences with an even closer way to enjoy every event. Many are excited to learn more about future drone applications and developments to sports, and this includes how drone footage can change how we watch extreme sports online.

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