Hockey: Luke Busuttil Leaver is appointed International Outdoor Umpire

Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 19:57

Gavin Muscat

The Hockey Association Malta is pleased to announce that Luke Busuttil Leaver has been appointed an International Outdoor Umpire by the Federation International Hockey (FIH) after his outstanding performance as the National Umpire in the European Nations Challenge IV in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Luke has been umpiring hockey at international level for a number of years now, obtaining experience at various European Club Championships both in Malta and abroad, but this was the first time he umpired at Nations level. However, it will certainly not be his last because as a result of his  new grading, he has already been appointed to whistle as a neutral umpire at the Outdoor Mens Under 18 Eurohockey Nations Championship II in Glasgow, Scotland in July 2016. Luke Busuttil Leaver has also been very active in the local umpiring sector, controlling various key matches in the National League and the finals of the Knock Out competition.

International Umpire Badge

Luke Busuttil Leaver

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