Head to head battle for the National points series title

Friday, June 25, 2010, 10:39

The final round of the Cross Country National Points Series took place last Sunday at Mizieb. The 30km off road race was a do or die feat for NPS provisional leader Clive Ebejer and mtb veteran Etienne Bonello.

From left: Clive Ebejjer, Etienne Bonello, Jason Vella - Photo by Ivan Pierre Vella

From left: Clive Ebejjer, Etienne Bonello, Jason Vella - Photo by Ivan Pierre Vella

The race was nervous from the first pedal strokes with Mark Bonnici taking the lead in the first lap; however he was given little space by the chasing riders. Jason Vella and Gerard Said also played their cards early in the race but in the final laps it was down to just two riders, Bonello and Ebejjer whom the win would claim them the overall title. They raced each other through the final kilometres and despite the efforts to try to secure the race prior to the finish line it was in the final kilometre that the race unfolded when perhaps a more experienced Bonello launched a terrific attack in the final hill opening a dangerous gap on Ebejer.

Bonello hammered onto the pedals furiously as Ebejer chased Bonello frantically till the line. Into the final metres Bonello managed to keep his lead by merely a few centimetres to win the race and jump up into first place of the national points series. After the race a lot of merit was given to Ebejer’s race who despite loosing out on the overall title he was undoubtedly the most improved rider of the whole season. Mark Bonnici finished the race in third place followed by Said a few seconds later. Marie Claire Aquilina won the ladies race ahead of Danica Bonello Spiteri while the sports category was taken by Alexander Kandler followed by Nicholas Valenzia.

With the National points series races coming to an end the Mizieb course will be once again battle ground for the National Championship which will take place later on next month. Further information may be obtained by visiting www.maltamountainbike.com

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