Have a Little Heart!

Thursday, November 17, 2011, 15:36

The Inspire Foundation believes that the most important part of generating the much-needed funds for our many worthy causes is by understanding our potential audience first. Our research clearly indicates that although a good percentage of the 35+-year-old audience supports our causes regularly, we are still having problems reaching, engaging and retaining the attention of the young adult audience.

This is why The Inspire Foundation and Webitme.com, Malta’s newest Facebook integrated social networking website, would like to announce the launch of our new “member referral” fund raising initiative which has been purposely created to appeal to and engage this illusive but very important younger audience by using the power of social networking to assist us in raising funds, rapidly expanding our word and to help us build more awareness on our many activities, campaigns and new initiatives. Our goal is simple, to team-up with true innovators when it comes to using social media to foster goodwill and meet our key financial objectives for the Inspire Foundation.

We believe that our member referral initiative will grow rapidly as friends invite friends and family to become webitme.com members and for every three new members they bring in webitme.com is prepared to give 1 Euro to the Inspire Foundation. Social media is after all the next generation‘s solution to get the word out, and unlike other traditional mediums it also offers Inspire the unique opportunity to have a two-way conversation with their audience about such essential initiatives.

This new initiative seeks to raise awareness within the Webitme/Facebook young adult community about the importance of sharing and giving to the less-fortunate and that no matter how modest their donations or effort might be, getting into the giving habit is a sound principle for the next generation to embrace. That they too can make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children and their families, whether they choose to sponsor a child, donate directly or simply sign up to webitme.com and bring in 3 other members their support makes it possible for us to continue our work.

To find out more about this word-of-mouth generating initiative please log on to webitme.com/inspire.

All funds raised from this campaign will go directly towards Inspire’s various disability services and programmes, which support over 1,000 children and adults across the Maltese Islands. These programmes directly address the educational, therapeutic, social and recreational needs of the people we help, and focus unswervingly on increasing their ability and encouraging their potential.

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