Handball: Teaching Handball At School Course

Friday, August 22, 2014, 13:32

Teaching Handball@School Course and Level 1 Course in Coaching Handball

The Malta Handball Association (MHA) is organising its fourth Level 1 Course in Coaching Handball between September and November of this year. The 60 hours course, which commences on the 6th of September, also incorporates the ‘Teaching Handball@School’ course. Both courses are open to all handball enthusiasts, players, present coaches without certificate as well as University PE students, PE teachers and other interested individuals.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) has appointed Klaus Feldmann, a German lecturer to deliver the Teaching Handball@School course as well as the first part of the Level 1 course. Local lecturers will take over the second part of the course.

Klaus Feldmann is a very experienced lecturer having conducted several coaching courses in over 38 countries across different continents. He is also a lecturer for the European Handball Federation and the German Olympic Sports Federation.

Both the Level 1 course and the Teaching Handball@School course include theoretical and practical sessions, and participants are expected to actively take part in both. Participants have to attend 90% of the Level 1 course to be able to sit for the written exam at the end. Successful participants will be awarded a ‘Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Handball’. Participants in the Teaching Handball@School course will receive a certificate of attendance issued by the IHF.

Last May, the MHA became a signatory member of the EHF Rinck Convention in Budapest, Hungary. The RINCK Convention was established in 2000 with the main objective of harmonising the educational qualifications of coaches on a European level. To date 36 nations are members of the RINCK Convention. The MHA also introduced the new coaches’ structure and regulations during the last playing season. All prospective handball coaches will be required to obtain a license issued by the MHA in order to be able to coach in all MHA categories. At present, the MHA has 45 qualified coaches.

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