Handball: Cup roundup

Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 21:00

In the third day of the MHA cup, Aloysians Von Taine were beaten 21 – 22 by Kavallieri RS2. Both teams produced fast-paced and flowing handball with Aloysians suffering early pressure and Kavallieri RS2 leaving their mark as the game progressed. La Salle Rivareno secured their third win by beating Luxol 29 – 23. La Salle took matters in hand and controlled the match with a solid and talented performance. Sayitmalta HMS were beaten 17 – 23 by Swieqi Phoenix who secured their first win in the competition. HMS failed to impress and Swieqi kept inflicting damage on HMS’s rear guard. La Salle are joint leaders with cup contenders Kavallieri. Swieqi moved off the bottom, Sayitmalta HMS and Luxol are still in search for points this competition.

Aloysian’s hopes of claiming the MHA cup are alive as they confront defending champions, La Salle, in the forth cup day. In case of victory over Sayitmalta HMS, Kavallieri RS2 would ensure top spot in the standings given the erratic form of Bryan Pace’s team who have not yet won a point of their past three fixtures. Luxol will try to claim their first points when they meet Swieqi Phoenix.

Fixtures – Saturday 25th October, 2014

12:30 Sayitmalta HMS v Kavallieri RS2

14:00 Luxol v Swieqi Phoenix

15:30 La Salle Rivareno v Aloysians Von Taine

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